Secrets and Adventures’ Augmented Reality Game “We Never Told You” available for free

Popular mobile app developer, Secrets and Adventures, announces a one-week free download offer for its Augmented Reality Game for mobile devices, “We Never Told You” on the Google and Apple stores

Secrets and Adventures is one of the popular makers of mobile apps, with special attention to mobile games. The mobile app developer recently announced the launch of its augmented reality game, “We Never Told You,” designed for users of smart devices.

The recent launch of the game on Google and Apple stores allows users of mobile devices running on the iOS and android operating devices to enjoy the fun and exciting game. However, the mobile app developer has gone a step further to ensuring everyone enjoys the game by offering it for free on the Google and Apple stores.

The use of mobile devices have transcended making and receiving calls or texts, as the gadgets have literally become man’s best friends. The emergence of different mobile apps, especially games, has allowed users of these devices to have fun with their gadgets anywhere and everywhere.

While mobile games have become increasingly popular not only amongst the young at heart, augmented reality games have not particularly established their popularity with users of mobile devices. However, the launch of “We Never Told You” from the stables of Secrets and Adventures, and other games in this category have helped increase the popularity of this kind of games.

“We Never Told You” is a unique game that aims to create fun and excitement in a distinct manner. The game has been described as the first of its kind in the mobile gaming world due to its features. The game takes photos from the environment of the mobile user and his or her friends, using the images to create a dangerous 3d world full of monsters.

Designed for lovers of adventures and persons that dread or love monsters, players of “We Never Told You”are required to fight monsters, even if they were created from their doorstep. The mobile action game brings fun and excitement from a whole dimension. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has already started receiving accolades in its short while of existence.

The one-week free download offer of the game is to allow everyone and anyone enjoy the fun and excitement of augmented reality. Several international languages supported on “We Never Told You”and they include English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Korean.

More videos and information on the game can be gotten on YouTube.

About Secrets and Adventures

Secrets and Adventures is an IT company that specialises in the development of apps for users of mobile devices. Over the years, Secrets and Adventureshas developed a wide range of app for users of mobile devices running on the android and iOS operating systems.

From the development of mobile games to the creation of utility apps, Secrets and Adventureshas helped transform mobile devices into tools necessary for easier and happier life. The company recently launched the first of its kind augmented reality game, “WeNeverToldYou.”

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