Top Entrepreneur Ammar Jali’s Keys to Business Success

PITTSBURGH, PA – 11/9/2017 — Ammar Jali, a franchisee of Domino’s Pizza, is one of the top entrepreneurs in the country whose business journey is worth emulating as he worked his way from the ground to where he is now.

Jali’s tie with Domino’s begun while he was still an Electrical Engineering student at NYIT working part-time in the pizza chain to support himself. After earning his degree, he worked with some of the best companies but later on decided he wanted to create a much better future for himself, which is why he became a Domino’s Pizza franchise owner.

“I wanted a more challenging and exciting future and quickly realized that Domino’s Pizza is that one company where there are no limits to what one can achieve,” Jali shared.

From the moment he acquired his business, it has steadily grown and become a huge success that it is now – exactly how Jali visualized it.

As with other fruitful enterprises, Jali achieved greater heights in his entrepreneurial climb not by sheer luck but with the right attitude, dedication, and business strategy.

Jali shared that he instantly knew how he would approach his pizza business the moment he acquired it – he will just do the exact opposite of what his former boss at Domino’s was doing back then.

“I learned a lot from my franchisee, he wasn’t the type to appreciate a good employee, did not believe in team member development or rewarding an exceptionally hard working dedicated employee, and I wanted to be the exact opposite of that,” Jali said. “You can say in a strange way my ex-boss taught me a lot without teaching me anything. So. it was easy… ‘take care of your people and they will take care of the customers’,” he added

For this passionate businessman, creating an outstanding work culture is essential to keep a business alive and competitive for a long time. This is the reason why Jali continuously trains and mentors his staff so that they can learn the value of teamwork and develop a sense of ownership wherein they act and value the establishment as if it was their own.

Jali also stressed the importance of providing excellent service and the best environment to build a loyal customer base. He makes sure that his staff knows that they cannot afford to lose even a single customer, which is why in Jali’s store, customer service is a task of every single staff and not just a department.

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