GENY ONE, a Swiss Luxury Watch with Classic Design and Smart Features, will soon be launched on Kickstarter

The famed Swiss precision and quality can now be found in the newly announced wearable tracking device, the GENY ONE. The Swiss designed hybrid Smartwatch is not only a fitness tracker but also stands for the aspirations of the modern generation such as authenticity, fair play and luxury.

GENY ONE has been conceived by GenY GmbH founded by Karl Kieser, who was earlier the CIO at Swissmem. His concept of the new hybrid Smartwatch is meant to address the rising demand for a Smartwatch that carries all the qualities of a Swiss Watch, while offering personalized smart features like any other Smartwatch.

Generational shift and rising levels of health and fitness awareness have made Smartwatches a must have accessory. Obesity is well known to have reached an epidemic proportion in the developed world, and healthy lifestyle choices are now preferred. Unfortunately, half of the people who take on weight loss programs drop out in the very six months. The prime cause of this is lack of motivation. Smartwatches with fitness trackers are known to sustain healthy activities for a sustained period. In 4 out of 10 cases, a Smartwatch is preferred as a tracking device.

However, people face various hurdles while deciding to buy a Smartwatch. Either they are too expensive, they do not offer classic designs, or the handling is too complicated. GENY ONE addresses each of these issues with a design that is luxurious, modern and clear, just like in the famed Swiss tradition of Watch making. GENY ONE carries all the features of a conventional Watch as well, such as classic design, scratch resistance, and incredible value for money.

GENY ONE is made with high quality materials, and it`s designed with the Swiss movement collection which also supports sustainable and social projects in the world. Coming with an attractive price tag, GENY ONE is the best choice for those who expect more from life. The target audience here is cosmopolitan, young and dynamic, and looking for good quality goods and fair-trade deal conditions.

GENY ONE comes with some of the most in-demand features of a hybrid Smartwatch. These include Swiss Quartz movement, patented Swiss design, touch screen, blood pressure gauge, heart monitor, sleep tracking, anti-mobile loss feature, distance meter, calorie counter, reminder notes, call and message function, water resistant 3 ATM, and entirely scratch resistance.

The Gen Y or the Millennial generation will find a perfect match in GENY ONE. The new generation is tech-savvy, civic-oriented, diverse, compassionate, authentic, frugal, liberal, confident and progressive. They want to enjoy a certain lifestyle based on these values that are reflected in the new GENY ONE. Moreover, according to Vanitv and Socratic Technology 2016 statistics, 81% of people surveyed required a device to monitor physical activity. A W3B Report 2015 report also reveals that 73.2% of the people using fitness tracking were under 20 years old.

“As a Swiss company, we feel responsible for offering our customers the best at a reasonable price without compromising. Our focus is on innovation and fair play which corresponds to the Swiss standard.  GenY wants to offer great design to fair conditions globally. Allow consumers to choose a new a more social way to consume high quality goods, supporting social projects around the world,” says Karl Kieser.

Karl quit his job at Swissmem to pursue a new challenge. The state of Smartwatches then wasn’t satisfactory. They looked ugly and couldn’t be worn on social occasions. With the new GenY Smartwatch, users could get a classic Watch with advanced smart features. For instance, the Hybrid Smartwatch has its current source which has a service life of up to 10 years. The Smartmodul is operated by a separate battery and holds up to 5 days, depending on usage. Moreover, GenY focus only on the most essential functions, which can be reached by a single press on the touchscreen.

Our main goal was to develop a Smartwatch that is beneficial to our customers and suppliers. This is not about profit, but about uniqueness and sustainability. Every human is unique, so the products we sell should be unique too. Overpriced bulk goods is not what we want,” says Karl Kieser.

About GenY GmbH

The GenY GmbH is a Swiss Company in the heart of Zurich which was founded in 2017. Everything started with frustration as a user and we asked ourselves why Smartwatches always have to be unaesthetic and cheap build? That’s why we have made it our task to create the best Hybrid Smartwatch in the world.

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