Active360 Helps Many Ride the Global Wave

London, United Kingdom – For those living in the United Kingdom, or more specifically, London, the idea of any water-related activity probably doesn’t pass through the mind much. Especially given the weather. When one thinks of a water sport, the first thing that pops into the mind is surfing, snorkeling, or jet skiing. No one ever thinks of stand-up paddleboarding. The next thing that comes to mind is where can one learn to paddleboard, how is it done, and is there a large following? Thankfully, Active360 is one of London’s top leaders in paving the way in stand up paddleboarding.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is the fastest growing watersport in the world and is now a fantastic addition to the London watersports scene. Active360 is not just a stand up paddleboarding experience, but a way to improve balance and strength, as well as overall health.

This company is not only devoted to growing a community and bringing people together, but they are also committed to the environment, personal health, and global exploration. Their dedicated staff and instructors are there every step of the way for customers old and new. Whether one is seeking lessons, buying equipment, or participating in one of their many events, the Active360 team is there to make every individual experience unique and simple.

As Active360 has gained more customers and adventure seekers, they have increased their services, offering expeditions to exotic and tropical destinations all over the world.  Currently they are offering adventures to Hebrides, Slovenia, and Myanmar. There are discounts and early bird specials. Food is also one of the many things included in the overall prices of each trip.

For those who would like to stay in the London area and explore the local rivers and waterways, Active360 has done a fantastic job in the development of its various training courses and equipment rentals. This company’s innovative hire system has made it possible for anyone looking to go on their own adventure. For a small fee, there is canoe hire in London, as well as boards and paddles. Pick up and drop off times are flexible, ensuring a stress free aquatic experience.

In addition to their many amenities that are available, Active360 also has paddles and paddleboards for sale in London. Those that are interested can arrange for a demonstration session that lasts for an hour. This novel company also offers yoga and environmental opportunities.

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