The importance of opting for VIN checking nowadays

9 November 2017 – There exist many reasons that many individuals prefer to buy used cars. As compared to brand new cars, buying used vehicles facilitates saving of money to a great extent. If your financial condition is terrible, then buying a used car is of practical importance. This is where VIN checking and decoding plays a vital role. In this context, it is important to mention that VIN stands for Vehicle Information Number. The VIN of any vehicle comprises 16 to 18 characters and can also be found inside the car. This VIN number thus serves as a decoder. Moreover, the VIN also includes the date when the automobile was  manufactured. In most vehicles, you would find the VIN located  on the dashboard on the driver’s side. VIN decoding encompasses breaking the code into six segments.

The first segment comprising the first three characters encodes the information known as World Manufacturer Identifier. The first figure always indicates the geographical location where the vehicle was built. The second and third characters denote the brand or the manufacturer. In some cases, the body style of a car is also encoded in the second and third characters. The second segment of the VIN comprises character range from 4 to 8. It usually describes the body style of a particular vehicle and model. It also includes the type of the engine,   braking system and series. However, you should note that these characters may vary as per manufacturer.

By going through, you would find that the third segment of VIN is always character 9 also known as a check digit. This check digit serves for verification of the vehicle identification number and ensures that the VIN is not fake. As the check digit is calculated based on a complicated formular the decoder will warn about incorrect or invalid VIN if the digit is incorrect. Further, you can see that the character ten usually indicates the model year. In the case of Ford VIN decoder, a Ford car with the model year of 2010 would use A for figure 10. On the other hand, vehicles that are manufactured between the years 1980 and 2000 utilize sequential lettering. For instance, a car that was built in 1982 would be denoted by C. This site would also provide information related with Toyota VIN decoder. On the other side, you can also find the Honda VIN decoder by visiting this site and all other vehicle makes.

One should also note that the final or the sixth segment denotes the serial or production number. These characters may also vary by the manufacturer. However, one should always note that the letters I, Q and O never appear in a VIN. You can also find local agencies like this one that usually offers VIN check services. Moreover, you can even go online for convenience. Hence, it is essential that you crosscheck the VIN with your car dealer. On the other hand, as a customer, you need to ensure that you buy a car that has a valid VIN.  

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