Haunting and hunted QBs run rampant in “Ghosts of the Gridiron”

COLLEGE STATION, TX – 10 Nov, 2017 – Football season is never over until it’s over, as likely penned by one of the hack sportswriters that disgruntled columnist Jack Byrne chastises in Greg Lautenslager’s recently published novel, Ghosts of the Gridiron.

Byrne is even more cruel on quarterbacks he slams in his daily columns. Demoted to rodeo writer and derailed on his journey from Dallas to Houston, Byrne is forced to confront an unfulfilled life and unsatisfied wife he abandons and the lives of two quarterbacks with whom he becomes mysteriously intertwined.

He floats around with other football phantoms from polished to demolished stadiums while being chased through dark alleys and back roads on a path Byrne hopes will lead he and his fellow famed QB wannabes to the grandest stage of them all and back to his life and wife and to the one goal he sought all along – redemption.

Like the NFL thrillers described in the book, Lautenslager’s intriguing story offers unexpected and unprecedented twists and turns that defy logic and an outcome not resolved until the final gun is fired. 

Ghosts of the Gridiron is the second novel from Lautenslager, a veteran sportswriter who spent 10 years at The Dallas Morning News and has written more than 5,000 stories on 35 different sports on three continents ranging from bull riding to boat racing and football games on every level. Lautenslager’s first novel, Following the Flame, was published by Virtualbookworm.com in 2005.

Ghosts of the Gridiron is available in softcover (ISBN 978-1-947532-15-1) and eBook (ISBN 978-1-947532-16-8) from Virtualbookworm.com, Amazon.com, and Barnesandnoble.com.

More information on the author and his novels also can be found at greglautenslagerbooks.com.

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