New Jersey Artist Breaks With Convention to Create Tactile Sensations

Artist, Margalit Romano
Up and coming artist, Margalit Romano is wowing art lovers by breaking the convention that says that paintings are not meant to be touched. Her Flora Series features artwork that is not only beautiful but a tactile experience.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

West Long Branch, New Jersey – Most people recall having been told at least once, “Never touch a painting.” Paintings were meant to be hung on the wall and looked at.  One New Jersey artist believes differently and wants to change how people interact with their art. Called “audacious” by the Huffington Post for her vibrant style and creative vision, Margalit Romano has been creating a buzz with her Flora Series of paintings and functional art. Each of her pieces in the series was designed to be not only beautiful to look at, but also meant to be touched. Inspired by each of the senses, Romano purposefully created art that could be experienced on multiple levels.  Her innovative style of art has received a lot of buzz from the art world and her paintings have become sought-after pieces by businesses and private collectors. For a young artist, the praise has been humbling.

“I know how difficult it is to do something new, especially when it comes to art,” says Romano. “We’re all just reinventing the wheel in some ways. Taking a bit from this style and mixing it with that style. In my case, I knew I wanted to create something that people could enjoy on multiple levels and I developed a special medium that will not chip. Most of the plaster style, textured art can chip, which is why people will ask you not to touch it. My Flora Series is durable, as well as, pleasing to look at.”

The beautiful swirling flowers in each of her pieces have been called “mesmerizing” and it’s easy to understand why. They are extremely inviting pieces of art that in some cases appear soft to the touch. The colorful works are perfect for a talking piece in the home or businesses that often have people waiting for long periods of time. Currently, pieces from the collection reside in the teen ward of the Jersey Shore Medical Center, something that Romano finds as kismet since her art career began as a therapeutic hobby.

“Art is powerful, instructive, and personal,” says Romano. “We create from our spirits and souls and it is a way of connecting with the world and telling it a little bit about ourselves. When we gravitate to a piece it becomes an experience similar to meeting someone that you click with—it’s kismet. I’m happy and honored that so many people have responded to my art and I hope to continue to create pieces that get people interested and talking.”

Her artwork has already been covered by the Huffington Post and other style magazines, where they have been described as “vibrant”, “striking”, and “little bits of joy.” Her artwork includes paintings, interior sculptures, and floor pieces. Not only has she created fabulous collections, but she also works on a commission basis to deliver pieces that fit a mood or theme. Romano has an upcoming Winter show at the Artifact gallery in Manhattan on January 10 2018.

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