Open Mind Generations Announces Hedge Fund Style Services with Flipping Wall Street

REDMOND, WA – 10 Nov, 2017 – John C. Brandy, President of Open Mind Generations (OMG), today announced Open Mind Generations launch of hedge fund style services using Flipping Wall Street’s FLIP platform. FLIP provides stock market education and trading tools as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. OMG combines its expert advisory services with the platform to give their clients a vehicle to reduce risk in the same way as a hedge fund. But this OMG service doesn’t require those large amounts of capital.

For the complete overview of the program, please go to the company website at:

John Brandy stated: “We are excited to bring risk management services, normally reserved for the extremely wealthy, to investors of all sizes. With hedge funds, fees are typically high, which in many cases eliminates your returns. With our program, you can have expert advice and keep your returns for yourself!”

Open Mind Generations provides investment guidance across all asset classes. The firm does not charge commissions or fees and is strictly consultation-based. The firm is committed to providing unbiased advice that will help clients optimize their financial future.

John C. Brandy has personally invested in every investment vehicle on which he advises.

Media Contact
Company Name: Open Mind Generations
Contact Person: John C Brandy
Phone: (425) 531-1352
Country: United States