Candidate.Guru Forms the Perfect Match

Steve Carter, Co-Founder, Candidate.Guru and Elevated Careers
eHarmony’s HR technology product, Elevated Careers, has been acquired by Candidate.Guru. With its platform based off eHarmony’s world-renowned analytics and Candidate.Guru’s culture-focused service offerings, Candidate.Guru will now be able to provide the most comprehensive employee matching and retention platform in the world.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Cupertino, CA – Most companies today, especially those who have reached the status of “brands” (Apple “360 Engagement”), recognize the need for high employee engagement. Engaged employees with an empowered workplace culture have proven to be successful, innovative, and productive with their time. Elevated Careers is an employee engagement platform, designed by eHarmony to match employees and companies together in order to create a perfect workplace synthesis. eHarmony’s 8 years of research and analysis by Ph.D.’s with expertise in psychology and interpersonal relations was the backbone of its end-to-end suite of patent-pending people analytics applications. Elevated Careers was able to shorten the time-to-hire, as well as, increase productivity and retention of high performing employees making it a powerful talent solution for companies defining their brand. It was and is the single, most powerful HR solution for the mid-market, designed to manage employee engagement, branding, sourcing, and hiring; something that made the platform highly attractive to culture-conscious HR solutions provider, Candidate.Guru. In order to provide the most comprehensive HR solution for companies who want to build a highly productive and engaged workforce, Candidate.Guru purchased Elevated Careers from eHarmony.

“We are pleased to see that the team at Candidate.Guru understood the real value in what Elevated Careers brings to the table,” says Steve Carter of Elevated Careers. “All employee engagement surveys are kind of the same, but how we use the data that comes back from them is where we stand apart from the pack. Our strength is in being able to provide the right assessments and solutions to HR that will enable them to hire and retain the right talent for the organization.”

Carter believes that their platform, combined with Candidate.Guru’s own domain success with company culture solutions will enable the company to offer a truly comprehensive product to HR departments. The goal, he says, is to produce the type of profound results that can turn a mid-sized business into a brand almost overnight. Elevated Careers will add critical employee engagement, attrition/retention, marketing, and branding pieces to Candidate.Guru’s offerings and enable the company to merge their two brands together into a single, synoptic product for customers.  

“By helping recruiters understand how to find, attract, and acquired the right candidates for their firm and its corporate culture we can make a profound impact on the workplace,” says Carter. “That’s huge there’s not really another product like it in the market.”

The acquisition took place on August 11, 2017 and Candidate.Guru will be able to begin rolling out integrated solutions immediately.

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