A Weekend Disaster Rescued by CargOnizePro

DELAWARE – 10 Nov, 2017 –

If you’re a woman who wants to always look amazing, brace yourself, this is quite the story…


We’re visiting my husband’s parents for the weekend. They live in the country and when we go, we spend our time at home, eating (his mother cooks great, I have no idea why he married me), or hiking on easy trails. Naturally, I’ve packed lightly and wear sneakers. Why would I possibly need anything else? 

The answer hits me over the head like a thousand bricks on Saturday, around 1pm, right after I’ve finished the delicious fish we had for lunch. An old friend of my man, now owner of a successful company and in search of a Marketing Director (my husband’s in marketing), invites us out for dinner in the best restaurant in town. True, it’s not the Plaza, but I can’t go wearing sneakers. 

So, we go out and we buy me new shoes, and outfit, and make up in a hurry. You’d think I was thrilled? Hell to the no! When you hurry, you’re on a budget and you have to a buy a million things just to look sort of OK, shopping is not that fun. Right before we leave the house, I stare at myself in the mirror and think about how much better this outfit would look if I had my one Jimmy Choo’s with me and if I could top the look off with my favorite perfume. 

But I can’t. That’s all at home. And I’m not even going to tell you how stunning my husband’s friend’s wife was. We, women, so hate it when that happens. 

Well, luckily, this will never happen to me again. Just the other day my CargOnizePro Travel Cosmetic Bag and Makeup Organizer and 3 Set Shoe Bag arrived. I love those! The design is beautiful, but more importantly, it’s exactly what I needed. The cosmetics bag has little and not so little pockets for all my creams, perfumes, concealer and foundation, mascara and shades, three types of lipstick (cause I can never decide what would look best on me beforehand) and even my shampoo. I get this shampoo delivered from Europe, you see, and I just need it with me all the time. 

And the shoe set? Let’s just say one of the compartments is dedicated to the Choo’s. They fit in perfectly even though the heel is 3.75”. The other two compartments I fill up as needed, and sometimes I even let my boo use one. That’s me, caring and loving all the way. 

Did you know that according to a research performed by the Huffington Post, lip balms, hand sanitizers and just toiletries in general are among the top 10 things we most often forget to pack?

Ladies, let’s not have this happen again! 

The CargOnizePro Travel Toiletry Bag and Makeup Case and 3 Set Shoe Bag is more than affordable and, if you ask me, a must have in every woman’s armory. By the way, it’s also the perfect gift for any woman who travels often.

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