The press and public are invited to the grand opening of Southern Chic Medical Aesthetics, a fresh new clinic, run by an inspiring team of well-trained physicians.

The clinic provides the highest level of care for its patients, built around its two main services: HCG medical weight loss and Microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy.

Medical aesthetics is a practice that concentrates on diagnosing, repairing and improving the function and cosmetic appearance of the skin, body, veins and the like. The methods used are usually minimally invasive and require only the application of local or regional anesthesia if necessary.

Southern Chic Medical Aesthetics offers a wide range of services such as acne treatments, chemical peels, body sculpting and contouring, laser hair removal, photofacials and more.

Now that their grand opening will take place, their new and cutting-edge facility will be open to the public. They have made it a priority to make sure that each patient of their clinic will feel comfortable, which can be seen in the way they have decided to design the interior.

One service that they offer is the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) medical weight loss. It is an innovative method of dieting, providing a healthy solution for people suffering from obesity, which has become a modern epidemic over the past two decades. It is proven that being overweight puts you at high risk of developing serious conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer.

The HCG diet combines administering HCG hormone and low-calorie intake, with foods carefully selected to be almost free of fat. This concept gives excellent results in a relatively short period and forms a strong basis for developing long-term, healthy weight loss habits.

This method is a medical weight loss program, which means that each patient is assessed and monitored by a team of medical experts at Southern Chic Medical Aesthetics. The team develops unique programs tailored to each patient individually, based on the various queries as well as the patient’s medical history, providing the best possible results along with constant medical care and guidance.

Another service that will be available to the public is called Microneedling, otherwise known as Collagen Induction Therapy, It is a skin treatment designed as an alternative to Botox and facial fillers, mostly used for scar reduction. It improves the skin condition using its natural ability to heal and recover.

The fact that this treatment involves needles and puncturing the skin may sound intimidating, but patients say it is not at all painful and they rarely experience complications associated with it. However, this treatment is not reserved only for the face – it can be applied to the entire body, depending on the problem that needs to be resolved. It is very effective for softening and removing stretch marks, acne scars and sun damage, but it can also be used for skin tightening.

Southern Chic Medical Aesthetics is composed of professionals that care for every patient’s well-being, as well as their comfort during their visit. Their new state of the art aesthetic center will be intriguing and very inviting.

About Southern Chic Medical Aesthetics

Southern Chic Medical Aesthetics is an aesthetic center located in Rome, Georgia run by Dr. Michael Moss along with Rachel Peterson, a board-certified nurse practitioner. On top of providing various innovative cosmetic treatments, they also offer highly effective procedures for aesthetic essentials.

The medical team at Southern Chic Medical Aesthetics is committed to providing the highest level of care to the patients in an environment where they feel welcome, well-informed, safe and relaxed.

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Company Name: Southern Chic Medical Aesthetics
Contact Person: Rachel Peterson
Phone: (706) 266-0144
Address:2016 Redmond Circle NW
City: Rome
State: Georgia 30165
Country: United States