Kasper Kristensen and Martin Kloster Launches Indiegogo Campaign For Funding Production of CookPerfect

Kasper Kristensen and Martin Kloster announces launch of fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo for CookPerfect, the intelligent meat thermometer.

Kasper Kristensen and Martin Kloster, longtime friends and founders of CookPerfect have started their campaign on Indiegogo to fund the commercial production of the innovative and intelligent meat thermometer. Regardless of the way the thermometer is placed in the meat, CookPerfect provides accurate and perfect cooking results.

“One of the biggest problems faced while cooking meat is to achieve the perfect level of cooking,” says Kasper Kristensen while explaining the working of the meat thermometer. “There could be a vast difference between the core temperature and the surface temperature of meat which can affect the taste of the preparation. CookPerfect has been developed to address this problem and take the guesswork out of the meat grilling process.”

CookPerfect helps in achieving the desired cooking outcome without having to worry about any technicalities. It measures the temperature of the meat in five different places and then mathematically calculates the temperature at the core which is usually the coldest spot in the meat.

With CookPerfect, it is possible to get perfectly cooked meat on the grill, every single time and effortlessly too. The intelligent meat thermometer has to be inserted into the meat before starting the cooking process. The app can calculate when the meat will be ready for serving after just five minutes of cooking.

According to Kasper, CookPerfect is the most simplest and guaranteed way of achieving perfect cooking results without having to worry about meat getting overcooked or remaining undercooked. With CookPerfect, cooking times can be relaxing and enjoyable as the build-in probe measures the air temperature in the grill with great accuracy. Monitoring the outer cooking temperature becomes easy with this advanced temperature. Alarms are activated when the air temperature shoots above or drops below specified limits.

The cooking process can be set up easily by simply connecting the CookPerfect Intelligent Meat Thermometer to the receiver and opening the CookPerfect app on the mobile device. The app offers three options for getting the cooking results. These are meat temperature, pre-select and visual.

For meat temperature, users simply have to enter the core temperature they want for the meat grilling. For pre-select, they have to push the pre-selected style of cooking such as medium or rare and it’s ready for use. The visual option is for those who go by the look of the meat rather than the temperature. They just have to choose from the various images provided to get their choice right. CookPerfect app can be customized to match individual cooking preferences.

According to Kasper, the app comes with an activity load which can be saved and shared.

The crowdfunding campaign started by the company on Indiegogo has a flexible financial goal of $65,000.

About CookPerfect – The Intelligent Meat Thermometer:

CookPerfect is a unique meat thermometer developed by friends Kasper Kristensen and Martin Kloster. The app has been designed to provide perfect cooking results regardless of how the thermometer is placed in the meat. It takes the guesswork out of meat cooking process and guarantees perfectly cooked meat according to individual needs and tastes.

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