Kickstarter Campaign Kicks Off For Homelessman, The Movie Based On A Comic Series By John Smolka

John Smolka starts campaign on Kickstarter for funding, Homelessman – The Movie.

John Smolka, the San Jose based author and creator of the Homeless Man comic book series has announced that a crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Kickstarter for his project Homelessman – The Movie. John is the brains behind the immensely popular comic book series which makes use of dark humor to capture readers’ attention and love for the new kind of hero – the Homeless Man.

“I am happy to announce that we have taken the first step towards making my comic series into a movie,” says John Smolka. “We are already into the process of creating the trailer for the film. I am sure that the Kickstarter community will support my campaign in a big way to ensure that my dream of making a movie from this popular comic series becomes a reality.”

The Adventures of Homelessman features the immensely likeable homeless character Jay Ess. The comic book unveils the story of the man who acquires super powers one night while sleeping in a dumpster.

What makes the comic series unique and interesting is that the character Jay Ess is not your average super hero. He does not come from a magical existence of any other worldly place. The Homeless Man tells the story of a least likely hero rising to the call, right from the midst of society. The unique brand of dark humor used by the creator adds to the interest value of the comic book and makes the homeless man a truly loveable character.

Homelessman started as an idea but went on to become a comic book and a series because of the amazing response it received from readers. The Homelessman has now been turned into four different volumes and has readers from all over the world.

According to John Smolka, the comic book series has been developed and finished for some time. He and his team are now focused on creating more comics. They are also looking forward to making the trailer for the movie. Turning the comic strip into a full-fledged movie is a costly affair and involves tons of hard work and huge costs at every stage. John is positive that he will get the support necessary to make his dream project come true.

John is counting on the immense experience of his team and amazing passion they have to pull off this project and make it a reality. He has already announced exclusive rewards for those who will support his Kickstarter campaign and help him in bringing this film to life. They will get physical copies of the comic books, the PDFs and other exclusive rewards. They can even be included in the comic or find a mention in the film credits.

The Kickstarter campaign by John Smolka and his team has a financial goal of $25,000. The project will be funded only if this target is hit by 8 December, 2017.

About Homelessman – The Movie:

Homelessman – The Movie is a project by John Smolka, the author and creator of the comic book series by the same name. The Homeless man is a simple character that we meet in our everyday life but blessed with super powers. He is a new kind of hero and extremely popular among readers across the world.

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