U.K based Virtual Receivables Company, helps Small Businesses Grow and Recover Overdue Payments

Over 34% small businesses in the U.S face the ugly events of overdue invoices from their clients; this figure gives an insight on how small businesses in the U.K also face the ugly challenge of inconsistent cash flow due to late payments. Being a small business is enough to challenge, adding overdue invoices to the list makes business tough.

Virtualar is a U.K based account receivable solution provider helping small businesses, contractors, and freelancers get paid faster, turn overdue invoices and failed payment into customer services opportunities. Virtualar takes care of payment of overdue invoices for various businesses, helping them focus on the most important thing- Their business.

While trying to recover due payments a lot of things can happen. The valued business relationship may get damaged and future potential businesses lost. Most business owners dread losing that relationship and get stuck while trying to get their payments. Virtualar’s system of operation is different from that of debt collectors. While a debt collector can retrieve overdue funds, they do that at the expense of existing relationship through the use of abusive tactics.

Virtualar is built for consultants, freelancers, and other small business owners. The company does two things most importantly, help retrieve payments and keep existing business relationships. These are two key factors in making a business successful. Overdue clients may be nice and do not intentionally want to hold such payments, they likely just need a professional to help them do the right thing at the right time.

With Virtualar.net, U.K business owners, freelancer or consultants now have a better way to pull in their lost revenue. Virtualar has helped various consultants grow their businesses and turn defaulting clients into regular payers. The company works as an account receivable virtual assistant, making payment of invoices painless.

For more information on how to bring in that overdue invoice, visit www.virtualar.net

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