DarkCoast takes a look into Helen’s condition, uncovering the “twinless twins” of today – lose your twin, live half a life.

Los Angeles, CA – November 10, 2017 – What if you couldn’t wake up from a nightmare? What if the nightmare … was inside of you?

In honor of DarkCoast’s U.S. weeklong theatrical release of Cody Calahan’s female psychological horror, “LET HER OUT”, many left the theaters anxiously wondering if they themselves might have an evil twin.

Horror movies are supposed to scare us, but what happens when that scare becomes real life?

“LET HER OUT” sheds light on Helen’s nightmare with the real-life medical condition commonly, “Vanishing Twin Syndrome”. When she awakes in the hospital after a sudden bike accident, a growing tumor is discovered, causing mysterious blackouts, terrifying night terrors, and hallucinations that blur her lines of reality and sanity.

It’s her evil twin, and she’s dying to get out.

“Vanishing Twin Syndrome”, or when one twin is absorbed into the other while in utero, many “twinless twin” survivors live with survival’s guilt, along with sentiments of feeling “empty” and like something is “missing” – even when the condition is undisclosed to the twin. In this manual Spirit Releasement Therapy, Dr. William J. Baldwin writes, “that a dead twin attaches its soul to the surviving twin.”

In 2007, Althea Hayton founded as an online support portal for “twinless twins” across the country, which includes personal stories written by womb twin survivors.

“I knew early on that I was different from my siblings. I was very athletic and was surprised when I realized that my left side had little feeling, was weaker and I had little control of it. This began a lifetime of being told I was deformed. I have two extra ribs, only four lumbar vertebrae, a deformed right kidney, abnormally small uterus, abnormal right ovary, a tooth in my sinus. My heart is normal but the arteries are turned backward. I could never get an explanation. One day a nurse said that I might want to read up on vanishing twins. Finally it all made sense…”

“I had a tube and ovary ectomy last week, after several weeks of diffuse pain and subfebrile temperatures the week before. Despite, no inflammation was being found, but a dermoid cyst. Back home, I started reading about it and was deeply impressed and overwhelmed: a lost twin? Was that why I led my life always looking for others to feel good and accept rarely getting my needs fulfilled by them? Feeling increasingly alone and not belonging to this world? Thinking about death as a friend? Being attracted by the same type of partners – disastrous co-relationships with the deepest feelings of love and tolerating to be smashed on the ground by them, up and down all the time, helpless, eager for harmony and no way to manage it? Not able to demand respect for my own needs and feelings, but struggling to fulfill their wishes to keep away from conflicts and being left? I’m just at the beginning of dealing with this issue, but I feel it’s true for me: I lost my twin.”

Only six years after launched, Hayton stated that from “this research we have created a new hypothesis: womb twin survivors seem to spend their lives re-enacting the life and death of their lost twin.  Nothing appears to be more important than that, even life itself.” (2008)

After DarkCoast’s successful, weeklong run theatrical of “LET HER OUT”, Calahan has captured the U.S., utilizing unique film techniques, blood-bath violence, and plays on psychological emotions to re-invent the ‘70s Canadian classic genre of “canuxploitation”, to create this Halloween’s must-see horror flick.

So, don’t let the horrors of “LET HER OUT” scare you too much … Only one person in 10 is a womb twin survivor… whether they realize it or not.

When will your evil twin be set free? Watch “LET HER OUT” today on VOD platforms: Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Xbox, PlayStation, Fandango, FlixFling, Hoopla, ATT, Vubiquity, Vudu, Comcast, Spectrum, Bright House, Cox, DIRECTV, and DISH.

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LET HER OUT (2016, 89 min.) Directed by Cody Calahan. Editor: Duncan Christie. Cinematographer: Jeff Masher. Music by: Steph Copeland. US. English. Black Fawn Films, Breakthrough Entertainment, DarkCoast – TriCoast Entertainment.

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