New Book Reveals the Living Ancient Mother, Powers of Divine Birth, Astral Travel and Second Sight

Out of body experiences, rebirth, magick, and the world that is beyond our sight always arouse either intense curiosity or utter disbelief. A new two-part book, Hidden Goddess Revealed, is now out that narrates the true story of Dee (D.Y. Robbins), a divine child born in November of 1965, whose birth was prophesied by the ancients. Her father was Solomon, born October, 10 1910, and he was the reincarnation of (King Solomon/Osiris). Dee was a magical child, born with immense supernatural powers and abilities. Solomon, mindful of his daughter’s divinity, wanted her to attend the Mystery Schools. They traveled the world at the behest of influential leaders that were aware of the birth of the special child, and held the keys for entrance into the six secret Mystery Schools located around the world. Hidden from public view, the schools only invite six special students to attend each year. Solomon and his young child became witnesses to Freemason human self-sacrifice rituals, attended special gatherings and did favors, all to facilitate his divine child’s entrance into the schools that would help Dee master herself and reach her full magical potential.

Through divine intervention at 7 years old, Dee’s path in life is revealed by Solomon. Her path is to find her King, the boy she frequently dreams about and visits in the spirit world. The only clue Dee is given is that the boy has a unique energy and was born on 7/7. Dee has an ability to see the essence of everything. Everything is energy, nothing is solid, and with her gift of second sight, Dee can see everything as it really is, energy. Solomon was murdered in 1977, and without her only ally in life, Dee was targeted for suppression at 11 years old, thus ending her rise. Through mind control tactics, emotional and physical abuse, Dee’s memories were lost, and she was led off her path to her King.

Dee eventually finds Vince, her soulmate and they are married for over 30 years, yet Dee’s past memories are still suppressed and she never reveals her true self to anyone for fear of rejection. After 29 years of marriage, Dee finally reveals herself. While in meditation at their fireplace one day on July 7, 2014, Vince’s 52nd birthday, Dee was able to awaken the lost memories locked away in the corners of her mind. With help from Vince and a childhood photo, Dee’s extraordinary life was finally brought to light. The floodgates of locked away memories began spilling from her mind bringing clarity to their unusual life. Afterwards, they had experienced several out of body travels and visions, and the couple became aware of many past lives they had lived together, and of their prophetic relationship. “Her life experiences were so incredible that I knew they had to be chronicled. So in late 2014, we began our journey into her past, complete with happy times, rituals, deceit, and even death. In the process of writing the story, we received visions of past lives that we have had together. Who are we? We are love, and we are sharing our ancient love story replayed in modern times,” says Vince. 

Without basic writing skills, adequate budget, and many obstacles placed in the way, it’s been a very difficult task to bring this story to the public. “Dee’s life story was revealed to Vince privately, and now we share it with the world,” says Vince.

Hidden Goddess Revealed takes the reader through memories that Dee has agreed to share publicly, as well as some of her personal, out-of-body experiences.

“I would use any chance I could to escape the house when my father left me alone with my mom and half-siblings. I didn’t like being there without him because of the badgering I would receive. One way I escaped was through my ability to astral travel at will. This gift allowed me to flee humanity and travel in spirit whenever I wanted. I expanded my consciousness and gained an astral body separate from my earthbound physical body. I still do this at will to this day,” says Dee.

Book 1 of Hidden Goddess Revealed introduces the reader to Dee, from before birth to seven years old. A divine child whose coming to earth was prophesied by the ancients, Dee’s mission was to find the boy of dreams and enter the secret Mystery Schools that she and her father had worked so hard to gain invitations to. Her father, King Solomon was acknowledged by the Freemason leaders, secret agencies, and influential global leaders. Together, the father and daughter traveled the world doing favors for those that held the keys for entrance into the secret mystery schools.

Book 2 of Hidden Goddess Revealed tells what happened to Dee after her father and only ally is murdered. Dee endures countless traumatic ritual abuse, and mind control tactics to suppress her divine powers and memory. All of the preparations her father left is lost and Dee focuses on finding the 77 Boy of her dreams.  

“Her dad looked up and noticed a mannequin displayed in the window of the store wearing a number 77 sports jersey. He paused for a minute while looking at the shirt with a big smile on his face. “I received a revelation Little D,” he said still wearing the smile. “Seeing that number 77 shirt confirmed what I now know. Your path is to find the boy you’ve been dreaming of since you were born. You will know him when you see him because he will have an extraordinary energy similar to mine, but unlike any that you will ever see. His birth date will be July 7th. Dee was overjoyed. The boy was real! And she could find him someday,” says Dee.

Commenting about the book, a reader Stephanie Q says, “While some may laugh at what is written and call it false, there are others who will read the words in this book and find truth. Whichever you are, this book is definitely an intriguing and eye-opening read.”

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