Eleni and Christos Share their Travel Experience to Myanmar, the Golden Land of Breathtaking Beauty

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Couple Eleni and Christos are the real travelers who aspire to live the adventure from beginning to end. MyTravellingDays.com is a thrilling journal of Eleni and Christos to share their travel experience to exotic lands.

Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki – November 11, 2017 – Eleni and Christos, the real travelers take immense pleasure in sharing their dreamy and adventurous travel experience through their online journal MyTravellingDays.com. In the journal, they explain their recent eight days travel visit to Myanmar, one of the most magical and undiscovered destinations in the world.

“We lived eight days in a dreamy landscape and explored pagodas barefoot under a relentless sun. We enjoyed sunsets, while sailing with boats in rivers and lakes, and became acquainted with a very different and friendly people, while at the same time we never stopped seeing monks everywhere, dressed up in purple robes,” wrote Eleni in their travel diary.

Eleni and Christos devoted eight days to this journey and this short period was enough to become bewitched by this amazingly beautiful country.

“Our mind was calm, and our soul was filled with fascination, provoked by the sweetness of the moments,” Christos reminisced.

The trip that extended for a short span encompasses visits to Shwedagon Pagoda – the most significant Buddhist temple in the country, Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda – the amazing statue of the Reclining Buddha, Karaweik Hall, Bagan – one of the most significant historic sites in Asia, Royal Palace Mandalay, Mahammuni Buddha Pagoda, boat trip to Inle Lake and more.

When explaining their Myanmar travel experience and tips, the couple also wrote, “Visit at least, one of the countless monasteries in the country, and if you are lucky enough like we were, you may be given a chance to watch, in one of the villages, the Shinbyu ceremony. Try the miracle cream Thanakha, a beauty secret for the Burmese women, since many centuries ago and buy lacquer ware pretty objects for you and your friends.”

The best season to visit Myanmar in November to February since there are not lots of rains in that period of the year. Scheduling your travel from mid-March to mid-June turns out to be risky as it rains heavily.

“The people in Myanmar are extremely polite, in general, since the teaching of Buddha has influenced heavily every single thing in their daily life,” commented the couple when talked about their lifestyle.  

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