Empire Investigations Reveals Why Business Secrets Are Not Safe

PITTSBURGH, PA – 11 Nov, 2017 – This is it! This is that big breakthrough multi-million dollar idea that is going to launch your career and/or your business to new heights and alter the current course of your life.

There’s a huge risk that:

  • You lose out on the bid by just the smallest margin.
  • Your competition comes out with YOUR idea just before you can formally announce it.
  • Personal circumstances (i.e. a nasty divorce or disgruntled employee) leave you concerned that they will reveal your strategy before it’s the right time (or to the wrong people).

The big question you need answered is: How was this secret information obtained?

In the 21st century, this answer is a lot more practical and obvious than you may expect. While our lives are constantly surrounded with new and advancing technologies to “simplify” and make life easier, it also creates a sense of comfortability in public, a lack of awareness, where EVERYTHING can have a lens and be recording whether you know it or not.

The fact of the matter is, if you thought someone was going to break into your home, you wouldn’t leave the house without arming your security system or locking your doors right?

The same thought process needs to be present when you’re discussing trade secrets or valuable information that is crucial to your livelihood. Whether in the comforts of your own home or in the confines of your high-rise office, there are people who are constantly trying to get a leg up on you to gain leverage. You must not leave the door open and let them have it.

Here are 5 ways you can protect yourself and your business:

  1. Use encryption software when disclosing personal information (bank accounts, social security numbers, credit cards, etc.). There are also encrypted messaging apps for cellphone use.
  2. Pay attention to any changes in the typical battery life or service capabilities of your cellphones. Bugged communications often have programs running behind the scenes that will alter your normal battery life!
  3. When disclosing sensitive information, place any known electronic devices in a separate room.
  4. Pay attention to the human element! Make sure new employees clear background checks before receiving clearances, notice any odd details on the property such as unusual cars, have security checks in place to protect your information.
  5. Contact a professional and respected TSCM expert for a confidential consultation and to sweep your location for any hidden devices or potential vulnerabilities.

At Empire Investigations LLC., our Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) experts have been trained by some of the best in the world, including the notorious G. Gordon Liddy, the Watergate chief operative himself. To be trained and run alongside members in every government agency on the books, our experts have seen and use cutting edge technology to check every corner and every device for bugs and taps that can be used against you. We’ve seen it all from disgruntled or new employees trying to take your top office to corporate espionage at it’s finest attempting to steal trade secrets and even the ex-lover digging up as much dirt on you as possible from the comforts of your own home.

Suspicious? Get the proof you need! Call us today and set up a confidential consultation at 800-860-6068 or visit us online at www.areyoususpicious.com.

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