AFM Film of the Year 2017: The Matadors

BIGGEST FILM The Matadors… AFM Golden Seller… 2 – 3 weeks Blockbuster Film

HOLLYWOOD, CA – 11 Nov, 2017 – The Matadors Trump tower being roled into by a car, trains rolling and a load of  action, family, romantic humor.  Three Young Boys from Three different Countries  runaway to become Matadors one becomes a CIA Agent Then  Austin Powers meet 007.

This is the rollicking funny and heartwarming film, but also filled with Conspiracy.  (Cars running through Trump Tower  Lol.)

Loads of Who who stars.

The Story

Being born a Greek George Pan Andreas grew up dreaming of becoming a bullfighter and fighting in the arena. For a Greek bull fighting is a highly ritualized cultural event and an art form. Even though many see bullfighting as deeply tied to Hispanic culture and identity bullfighting goes back to Minoan Crete where the bull-leaping ritual was practiced by youths of both sexes and was immortalized in the famous wall-frescos.

“It all started with the Greeks, we all come from Greeks.”

Inspired by his older flicks – the adventures of Zeus, a well-known cult-action-series-comedy, “The Crime Killer” and “Golden Target” character who became an international “friend” to Police, Security and Law Enforcement all over the world – George Pan Andreas wanted to continue the Saga and thus created “The Matadors”.

Throughout the movie we will find the main character Zeus repeating his famous lines:

“You talk too much” – line running at least 3 to 4 times with actors: Lee and Candice

“You hurt me boss” – from Zeus One (a line most Law and Security Enforcement feels and taunts moviegoers.)

In order to document himself George immediately flew to south, to Mexico, where he formed a lifelong friendship with El Pana, Salvador and all the other great matadors, south of the border. George literally became a matador.

The Movie shows that bullfighting is a tough job, even though the men behind bullfighting are like you and I, but with a touch of fantastic.

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