MEIZU’s Global New Step With The Moscow Selection Trial

Mahjong, a traditional game that originated in China, is not only hugely popular across the country, but also sought after by tens of thousands of foreigners around the world. The Moscow Selection Trial of 2nd World Mahjong Sports Games (WMSG) hosted by the Mahjong International League (MIL) recently drawn to a close, fueling passions for the game of its fans in Moscow. China’s leading smartphone maker MEIZU, one of the major sponsors of 2nd WMSG and the unique sponsor of the Chinese team, not only demonstrated its corporate citizenship, but also helped give a world profile of Mahjong as a mind sport.

A Starter of Intellectual Competition

In July of 2017, Mahjong was officially recognized as the 6th international mind sport by the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA). That is to say, the tile game, which originated in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) 500 years ago, joins the ranks of traditional mind sports: Chess, Bridge, draughts, xiangqi and Go. The WMSG is the world’s highest-level Mahjong tournament, hosted by the MIL and held every four years.

The selection trial in Moscow was full of wonderful moments, fueling the intellectual sparks between players. The competition was carried out in a carved teahouse full of Chinese elements. Players showed their skills and strategies freely, depicting the infinite charm of Mahjong as a mind sport, and wowed the audience from time to time. For each player MEIZU prepared beautiful gifts.

MEIZU as a well-known Chinese mobile phone brand has always had a strong sense of national pride. It translates promoting the Mahjong game on the global stage and naming the China team to compete with global players into its social responsibility. As is known to all, while the game is hugely popular across China, the fact that its rules vary from one region to another made it difficult to give Mahjong a world presence. The setting of worldwide competition rules has facilitated the development of Mahjong, and followed the trend of standardization and professionalization in mind sports.

Last month, MEIZU unveiled its red PRO 7 smartphone to celebrate the opening of the 19th CPC National Congress through partnering with the People’s Daily. It not only shows the growth of MEIZU as a brand of technology innovation in the new era, but also its social responsibility as a corporate citizen.

A Step Closer to Going Global

The 19th CPC National Congress that just concluded put forward to “make new ground in pursuing opening up on all fronts, pursue the Belt and Road Initiative as a priority, and give equal emphasis to ‘bringing in’ and ‘going global’”. From “cheap labor factory” in the past to today’s “intelligent manufacturing in China”, China’s manufacturing industry has made great achievements during the transformation, and hundreds of manufacturing categories such as mobile phones, computers and mechanical equipment have been among the best in the world. Guided by the strategic plan of the 19th CPC National Congress, more Chinese manufacturing enterprises will go international to compete with the world’s top brands. Obviously, MEIZU has taken the lead in building a global presence, and moved a step forward by sponsoring the 2nd WMSG.

As the world’s highest-level Mahjong tournament, the WMSG set off a storm of intellectual competition on a global scale. Each of its moves attracts worldwide attention. In fact, Mahjong transcended boundaries and became visible to the world earlier than other carriers of traditional Chinese culture such as Chinese calligraphy and Peking Opera. The first WMSG attracted players from 16 countries and regions, including China, Japan, Russia, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Singapore, the United States, Canada and Reunion (France). By sponsoring the second WMSG, MEIZU is going to spread its wings across five continents, making it one step closer to internationalization. More importantly, its dedication to high-end technology coincides with the intellectual pursuit of Mahjong. “Intellectual & High-tech” will be another label appended to MEIZU by global consumers.

MEIZU not only has the foresight for a global vision in marketing, but also the drive of internationalization in product design. Continuous innovation is what MEIZU strives for. The Fenêtre display of the PRO 7 makes it truly unique. A stunning AMOLED screen combined with a matching UI brings an all-new experience. The Fenêtre display is featured with four functions, including Notifications, Display, Dual-camera, and Tributes to MP3 mode, which can really be called a software + hardware innovation. Moreover, as MEIZU’s first dual-camera smartphone, PRO 7 is equipped with Dual 12MP Sony Exmor RS IMX386 camera sensor, giving an awesome performance in actual use. In terms of color matching, the phone maker creatively used the color Titian red, making PRO 7 “the most beautiful phone” at present. “MEIZU PRO 7 upholds a pioneer attitude to technology and fashion, and that’s the reason for its presence on the world stage,” said the UN image ambassador Modely.

As the second WMSG goes on, the popularity of Mahjong will spread around the world, which will help bolster MEIZU’s drive of going global. Embracing the world with a focus on cutting-edge technology development, MEIZU has become a benchmark brand in the mobile phone industry.

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