Spottales, the app for sharing blogs and travels posts with people in nearby area launches on iTunes

Spottales is the newly launched mobile application launched on iTunes that allows the users to post their blog posts to the location where they are and share it with future visitors of the same location. It is a location-based app that provides the users a social platform to share their stories, blog posts, travel experiences and more to the people nearby their location.

Spottales is a unique app that enables the users to discover the hidden stories about the places they visit. They can read the stories of people who have visited these places before to get more information about the place and have a practical insight into it. It’s a geo-blogging app that also allows the users to add their favorite stories to the ‘favorite list’ and access it easily later on. Using this app, the users can write and share stories about their travel experiences in the area and publish it on the app for other users to it. They can add photos and videos to make it even more engaging. User can choose who they will share their Spottales: everybody, friends or keep them for them self.

The app features a very simple user interface. In this way, it differs from other location-based apps like Foursquare, Swarm and Glympse. It sends a notification to the user about the people who are following their spottales. They can also see the most trending Spottales. The app enables the user to discover Spottales around them in three formats; map view, satellite view and list view. They can search in the titles of the Spottales around them or use the Google map search to look for stories in a particular area. They can follow the Spottales of other people and also see the distance between them and the Spottale. From the app you can open Maps, Google Maps or Waze to navigate to the Spottale of your choice. The app displays the number of people that viewed the Spottale, the number of people who added it to their favorites, and the number of comments posted.

The users can add upto six pictures and videos to the spottales they’re posting. All the used pictures for a Spottale automatically gets saved to the Photos album, ‘Spottales’. The app also allows the users to invite their contacts to join Spottales.

Spottales app is available for free download at iTunes and compatible with iOS 9.0 and later versions. 

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