The mobile game ‘Rescue Bubble Shooter’ receives great reviews on Google Play store

Rescue Bubble Shooter is the newly launched mobile game that has received great response and feedback from the users on Google Play store. It’s the latest addition to the bubble shooter adventure games by Iqra Labs that is filled with challenging levels and entertaining gameplay. It’s a good game and control was awesome. I am loving this game. This game is easy to play and many of my friends recommended this to me. Also, because the size of the game was less so it easily runs on all devices”, says one user on Google Play store.

Rescue Bubble Shooter features crazy difficult levels, boosters and loads of bubble pop fun. The user plays the game through the interesting character of a hungry raccoon who is trying to pass all the bubbles that are blocking him to get to the food. In order to win, the player has to help the raccoon to reach the green heaven filled with meals, food, and treats.

The game is comprised of more than 100 levels, each level with increasing order of difficulty. The beginning level is easier and it gets more challenging as the user reaches higher levels. The game requires great strategy, reaction and quick reflexes for the users to pass through the toughest obstacles. To get far in this game, the user has to predict, strategize and think fast. “The rescue bubbler game is very addictive and gives me good company during my free hours.The animations and poster are also amazingly done by the team, I never get bored while playing bubble shooter game”, says another user in their feedback on Google Play store.

Rescue Bubble Shooter is a vibrant, entertaining and adventurous game filled with crazy combos, boosters and a variety of powerful balls that can help the user get through the difficult levels. It is promised to be one of the most versatile and interesting balloon shooting games that features leaf ball, ice ball, triple ball, water ball and many more items for an entertaining gaming experience. The users can compare their scores with other players on a global leaderboard. They will also find cool raccoon characters to play the game with accompanied by lovely sound effects and high-quality graphics.

Since the game has over hundred levels, it means the users can enjoy this game for a long time. The game is available for free download at Google Play store.

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