Chiropractic News: River of Life Chiropractic Buys Onthank Chiropractic In Traverse City

River Of Life Combines Expertise With Onthank Chiropractic Center

Traverse City, Michigan – November 13, 2017 – With more than 30 million Americans having lower back pain every year and more than 80 percent of Americans experiencing at least one symptom of stress as per the American Psychological Association (APA) Stress in America™ 2017 Snapshot, finding the right wellness and healthcare services provider is as important as ever.  A little over 22 million American visit a chiropractor each year, with a good third of these visitors doing so due to seeking relief for back pain. With over 32,000 chiropractors in America as per May 2016 census by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, choosing and getting the right chiropractic provider can be a daunting task.

To satisfy the demand for reliable and excellent chiropractic services, Onthank Chiropractic Center, a leading Chiropractic Center in Traverse City, has accepted the purchase offer by the chiropractic and wellness clinic River of Life.  Dr. Cliff Onthank, owner of Onthank Chiropractic Center, will remain on board to ensure that the operations will transition without a hitch. Together with the owner of River of Life Chiropractic and Wellness in Traverse City Dr. Caleb Halulko, both will continue providing and improving the quality of chiropractic services to everyone who is looking for it.

Both are leading chiropractic practitioners in Michigan. Dr. Onthank has been providing chiropractic services for more than 30 years. He specializes in soft tissue therapy, nutrition therapy, and rehabilitative exercises. Dr. Caleb Halulko is a practitioner of the patented Active Release Technique, a state of the art chiropractic system that focuses on relieving fibrosis or adhesions in your tissues. If these adhesions are left alone, they can lead to weakness, numbness and muscle aches. He has experience with helping people take care of the back and muscle pains from all walks of life, from children to athletes to even the elderly.

With the combined resources, expertise and efforts of Onthank Chiropractic Center and the River of Life, the benefits of the Active Release Technique process will be more readily available to the public.

Numerous case studies show many benefits of ART. The very first study shows that ART was an efficient method to relieve both short-term pain and improving pain pressure threshold of ice hockey players. Another study found out that only after two weeks of ART treatment, people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome report a marked improvement from the severance of the pain to even the functional status of their hands and muscles.

Active Release Techniques require the practitioner conduct a biochemical analysis of the body movements of patients. At first, it was primarily applied to athletes who tax their muscles much more than what is healthily required. By using the information from the biomechanical report, the ART practitioner would then locate the dysfunctional fibrosis in the soft tissue structures of the patient. By performing the Active Release Techniques on the damaged and weakened tissues, the patients have better control and strength of their bodily functions.

By leveraging the expertise of both clinics, Traverse City will have a healthier and more affordable health and wellness service available for efficient chiropractic services and through the Active Release Techniques. Together, Onthank Chiropractic Center and the River of Life can give complete and comprehensive care for those who need it the most.  

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