Empowr as a Remarkable Marketplace for Buying and Selling Goods and Services

Platform Now Ready with Latest Changes to Make Marketing More Engaging and Profitable

13th November, 2017 – Empowr, a social networking platform that is currently being used by thousands of members for advertising, marketing, buying and selling; is now available with new features and improvements with special focus on services. The members of Empowr also known as Empowr Citizens will now be able to list their services easier than before. Marketing services is easy when compared to marketing products. There are many concerns when it comes to product listings such as product unavailability, shipping costs, out of pocket costs, etc. But when it comes to services there are no problems related to logistics or unavailability.

The Empowr Citizens can list and sell their services locally on the empowr marketplace. With local listings, members can be assured of getting more business from the surrounding areas. In the earlier version, the members had to create a service listing from the scratch by mentioning each and every detail. But the latest version helps them choose from existing listings of the same product or service. The benefit of using the existing listing is that they are previously approved and so the new listings are automatically approved. The members have to ensure that the listings are 100% accurate and consistent with the capabilities of the service providers except for the prices.

The new confirmation process allows members to receive their earnings instantly immediately after the services have been received by the other party. The confirmation process also verifies that the buyer and seller were at the same location. This helps in blocking any type of fraud and opens them up for AMCOs. The other feature that is being redesigned is that of the “Daily Goals” which is based on the members requesting for flexibility and the choice of activities that are required to meet the daily goals. The new focus is also on the ratings which allow service providers to achieve ratings based on the services provided.

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Empowr, www.empowr.com is a social networking site that was started by Brandie Williams and Michael Pousti. This site allows its members to earn money while doing simple tasks such as sharing, liking or commenting on posts on other social networking sites such as Facebook. The site can also be used for marketing purposes wherein members can share the links of their websites or their affiliate links.



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