Help save US Veterans’ lives: Renew International USA

ROMEOVILLE IL – 13 Nov, 2017 – Romeoville, Illinois November 5th, 2017 Help save US Veterans lives by training them and offering Job placement.  We are Renew International USA  a service provider. We need funding to provide our training and Job placement program to US Veterans:

Help save US Veterans lives. Now, we can help change the lives of our veterans and their families.  

United States Veterans have fought and died for the freedom we enjoy.  Our veterans are homeless, Jobless, and are dying at an alarming rate, now they need our help. It has been said give a Vet a fish you feed him for a day, teach a vet how to fish and you feed him for life. Renew International USA, is teaching vets how to fish by providing training and Job placement in mechanical engineering.

Our program combines a comprehensive training program, this cutting-edge training program is far superior to anything in the marketplace today. This program includes classroom, workshop, and on the Job training, so the graduates will be industry ready to work with experience. There are more than 500,000 veterans who are looking for this kind of solution in the country. Renew International USA plans to train thousands of vets in the next ten years.  We believe that by providing an in-depth training program such as ours, will be highly in demand by companies such as Caterpillar, Ford, Deer Corporation, and others. 

It is our goal to help make our vets self-reliant so that they can earn a living and feed their families. Show them that we appreciate their sacrifice, we are a last best option to save our veterans lives. Come join our effort to support our vets, because no soldier gets left behind.

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