Gear Homie announces the launch of its innovative Shoulder Brace on Amazon

Maker of innovative premium shoulder compression brace, Gear Homie, announces the launch of its product, the Gear Homie shoulder brace designed for improved stability and breathable neoprene shoulder support

Gear Homie is the maker of the unique shoulder brace designed for breathable neoprene shoulder support and improved stability. Gear Homie recently announced the launch of the adjustable shoulder brace on Amazon, allowing buyers from anywhere across the globe to enjoy the unique product.

Accidents are bound to happen. However, treating the affected area and the method of treatment determine how fast the victim recovers and the speed of the healing process. Sprains, shoulder dislocation and frozen shoulder are some of the common medical conditions that people experience, requiring the use of medical braces to ensure a faster and somewhat easier healing and recovery process. Unfortunately, many of the braces available on the market have been able to deliver the effectiveness needed for quick relief and healing.

In a bid to ensure faster healing and instant relief, Gear Homie has announced the making and launch of the brace, allowing for soothing stability for faster healing. The brace also allows for strong, comforting, supportive stability and compression for all types of injuries including sprains, dislocated shoulder, torn rotator cuff, and frozen shoulder.

The pain relieving premium shoulder compression brace is designed to work equally well for all genders and either the right or left side. The improved adjustable straps also give an impressive exact fit for the user. This ensures enhanced comfort and effectiveness that is absent with many other braces.

The stylish design of the brace with a thin profile also allows it to fit well under the shirt and out of sight, which also helps to rubbing and itching. This also ensures that users do not have to answer several questions from sympathizers during the recovery period, asking why and what happened to their shoulder.

Described as the perfect recovery “tool” for persons with shoulder injury, allowing them to recover from shoulder injury and to ease pain and discomfort during the recovery period, the brace has a durable sling that keeps the users from moving in ways that cause pain. The lightweight neoprene vest protects the AC joint, with the pressure pad available for ice or hot treatment.

The all-in-one adjustable shoulder brace has consequently become one of the most sought-after medical braces particularly among athletes, fitness enthusiasts, workers, and those recovering from injury and surgery.

The brace is currently available on Amazon at a remarkably affordable price of $19.99. This ensures that anyone across the globe can have it. The brace is also great as a gift for friends, family, and co-workers and will be very well appreciated by the recipient.

About Gear Homie

Gear Homie is the manufacturer of the popular shoulder brace that has seemingly changed the way people recover from injuries. Gear Homie owns a seller account on Amazon, supplying its wide range of products to the world. Gear Homie focuses on providing quality products to users across the globe, at affordable rates.

Gear Homie hopes to improve the quality of life of its customers across the globe.

Gear Homie’s Amazon Storefront is here.

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