Expert business coach announces “5-day create a product challenge” for business owners

Invites anyone thinking about creating a new product to join the challenge, absolutely 100% free

Kissimmee, FL: The ability to create and succeed is planted inside every human being walking on the surface of the earth. Unfortunately, most people are unable to reach their potential for lack of courage and constant procrastination. Dr. Lynda Barnes, a seasoned business coach, is determined to change that narrative through the “5-day create a product challenge”. The event will be taking place November 27 to December 1, 2017, and is open for those planning to create a new product but are too nervous and stressed out to successfully execute their plan. The event will involve coaching, step-by-step strategy planning, empowerment, and a daily challenge, to get people creating the best ideas of their lives.

Join the challenge by signing up today at its 100% free.

“My years of experience coaching established and would-be entrepreneurs have made me understand why many people never reach their potentials in life. Sincerely, everyone has what it takes to excel, but procrastination, fear of the unknown, stress, and lack of inspiration, has been a limiting factor for many. For five days I will be hosting business owners and entrepreneurs from different industries, and pushing them to design a product that will transform their lives forever. Sign up today and take part in the challenge,” said Dr. Lynda Barnes, CEO of Dr. Lynda Barnes Consulting Inc.

Who should attend?

The 5-day create a product challenge is meant for anyone thinking about creating a new product. Whether it is an established company planning to add a new product line, or a new entrepreneur searching for the right idea and inspiration, there is room for everyone. The event is also the perfect place for anyone who has been working hard on an idea to get their physical product completed finally. Winners never quit. This event will help eliminate all the fears and stress associated with people trying to create something new, by giving them the right information and tools.

How the challenge works

In one hour a day, for 5 days, participants will be given a chance to strategize and create their own product from start to finish. Within this period Mentors and coaches will:

  • Provide step-by-step strategy that inspires vision, through daily actionable plan.
  • Help participants get motivated to take action by subduing overwhelming feelings.
  • Empower participants to overcome stress and confusion so they can focus their energy on becoming successful.

What happens during the five days?

Within the five days, participants will be engrossed in the intricacies and execution of:

  • Ideation
  • Planning and protection
  • Manufacturing
  • Design
  • Funding

About Dr. Lynda Barnes Consulting Inc.
Dr. Lynda Barnes is a professional business coach who holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Health Care / Public Administration and also a Ph.D. in Christian counseling. For the past five years, Lynda has been coaching professionally, helping business leaders face challenges, achieve their vision, and succeed. She has written 7 books, managed or consulted 27 businesses, and supported over 450 businesses. For more information, please contact 321.236.3587, or visit her website  

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