Unique self-help book “Filling The hole” shares proven New-Age secrets of permanent recovery from addiction

New unique self-help book “Filling The hole” reveals permanent solutions for addiction recovery through proven principles of mental science and spiritual law practices.

Jacksonville, Florida, November 13, 2017: Drug deaths in America have reached a record high of late. Over 50,000 casualties were reported in 2016. Such an alarming situation summons increased focus on addiction recovery to save the American youth from the tragic pitfalls of drug overdose. 




In the wake of the threatening opiate crisis, a new unique book has come up with its New-Age secrets of permanent recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. Titled as “Filling The hole”, the book is authored by Thorne Ivy who has shared principles of sacred metaphysical mental science that helped him to get rid of his severe alcoholism which no therapy or medication could eliminate.

“The alarming rise of drug deaths today is no doubt scary. It’s not that addicts don’t try to overcome the issue. But the problem is that the conventional addiction recovery medications, Therapy, treatment or AA meetings can’t help with an effective and permanent recovery. I myself have been at that place. I know the struggle and the inefficacy of traditional recovery programs. But fortunately, I was able to discover the secrets of spiritual law and mental science that helped me to transform myself forever. I am looking forward to share those same New-Age principles through my book so that anybody having a hard time with addiction can get rid of the issue permanently”, stated the author.

Speaking further, Thorne Ivy explained that we all are vibrational energy beings on metaphysical level. When we bury our anxiety, stress or trauma inside us, it manifests itself with negative vibrations. The negative state creates a hole inside and that makes things extremely painful. It leads us to seek solace from drug or alcohol as it helps us to anesthetize the excruciating pain inside us. And, the process gradually pushes us into addiction. 



According to the author the conventional addiction recovery therapies, medications or AA programs fail to work because none of them can fill the “hole” inside us. But mental science as well as spiritual law practices and principles have shown to “fill that hole” which makes them most efficient tools for permanent recovery from addiction. The Law of Attraction is a universal metaphysical law which is widely deployed in mental science for transformation, healing and any goal manifestation- including addiction cure & health restoration.

“There is no physical element in addiction. It’s a completely mental-spiritual state which has to be corrected from inside. This is why the spiritual law of attraction succeeds in rewarding you with a permanent solution. Unlike other processes, these mostly work from inside, fill the hole, reprogram the mind and restore your vibration frequency to help you successfully work towards a new image of sobriety & health. Most importantly the Law of Attraction will also power you to set and strive for other goals in life.” 

Thorne’s theories of addiction recovery as described in the book have received widespread appreciation from therapists and readers. 

“Definitely one of the most novel approaches to curing addiction I have read. I don’t know of any other program in existence today that uses such new age concepts.” — John R., Colo.,  Therapist, Reviewer 

“If you can read and understand this book, you’ll never want to drink or drug again…it just won’t make sense to do so anymore. Your whole belief system will change, it’s pretty mind-  blowing” –Kevin J., New York, beta reader 

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