Veglocal, the new app and website aimed to promote local farmers launches on Indiegogo

Veglocal, the newly launched website and mobile application to bring the local farmers closer to the consumers is now launched on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. By providing a platform to the local farmers and the consumers to connect with each other, Veglocal aims to promote local farmers. The goal of the fundraiser is to collect $4500 which will help the project to become a reality and reach a large number of consumers worldwide.

The idea to create this platform is inspired from the fact that around 80% of local farmers quit after their first year due to lack of ability in selling their produce as most of the selling avenues are dominated by only a few farmers who know the sales tactics. Despite the fact that modern consumer is now looking for fresher and healthier alternatives, the local farmers are not able to grab the opportunity and earn any profit. By creating a shortage of local farmers through its services, Veglocal will encourage more farmers to get into the industry. “With convenience and now quality and freshness of product becoming more important to consumers, we are confident that when we launch, we can create a shortage of local farmers, which they will encourage more to get into the Industry, which then grows the community and also brings in crop variety to the consumer”, says the Indiegogo campaign description of Veglocal.

The Veglocal project will consist of a specialized website developed with GEO location as its core function so that users only find products in their local area. It will also feature a mobile app, available for free download to allow the consumers to shop online for the product and also use the map function to visit local farmers. The platform will provide an opportunity for the farmers to sell a greater variety of products and they can pre-sell their stock prior to harvest. It will also enable the farmers to inform consumers about the availability of crops, harvest times etc. so that they can get the product as it’s picked/made.

Veglocal is being designed for the global users. The success of the crowdfunding campaign will ensure that the owners are able to develop and test the website and the app. The funding will also be used in the translating the website to be used globally, marketing of the project, design, and supply produce material for local farmers to give out to consumers and continued development of the project.

The interested backers can choose among many perks offered on the Indiegogo page of Veglocal. More information about the project can be found at

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