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Houston, Texas – In today’s competitive Marketing environment, the best way to stay ahead is to adapt and evolve using the best and experience processes. Leading digital marketing agency in Houston, Website Leads Agency, provides a broad range of services to help you achieve this.

The award-winning inbound marketing company, who have been doing online marketing and web development for the past nine years, have shifted focus to more B2B clients during the last five years and are also getting some enquires daily for B2C clients.

Speaking on the development with Voyage magazine Houston, Andy Alagappan CEO and founder of Website Leads Agency, outlined that online marketing visibility is not an option anymore, it is the future, people are starting to see that the Yellow Pages are pretty much dead so they turn to newspaper and magazine ads hoping to get new business. This is where website Leads Agency come in, the first question we ask potential clients when they call is “how do you get new business?” we listen to them try to analyze where they are right now, what’s working, what’s not working and found out that they do not  implement the online marketing strategies

As technology evolves, so does the way that customers search for businesses online. The advent of Smartphone, the searches from Smartphone devices has increased more than desktop computers, and laptop searches. It is according to Google, People are searching for the services whenever they want it and wherever they are, looking for solutions to help them in their business, but sadly 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.

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That is what Leads Agency educates their clients on; they spend a lot of time training clients on benefits of implementing online marketing strategies. Also helping them know what their competitor is doing, where they are today compared to your competitor, their online presence and what it is they need to do to get back on track. The solutions they provide strengthen customers’ overall profitability by increasing revenue for them, reducing costs, increasing brand awareness and maximizing web site performance.

Website Leads Agency didn’t just wait for clients to contact them; they saw the need to educate people on benefits of implementing online marketing strategies. So Andy Alagappan decided to write a book for a C-Level audience. The importance of implementing inbound marketing strategies from a nontechnical perspective, the book helps B2B and B2C companies grow and thrive. The book hit number one on and International Best Sellers List on July 5th, 2016, titled “What the Heck Is Inbound Marketing?” The book also ranked Number one in the Business Ethics and Search Engine Optimization categories and in 2016 Linked gave Leads Agency the award for best in brand marketing, Website Leads Agency also emerged as the 2017 best digital marketing agency in Houston Area.

About Website Leads Agency

Website Leads Agency is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Houston, Texas. The company came into being to fill the need gap for global processes and techniques in maximizing online visibility. As an industry leader with more than nine years of experience Lead Agency provides proven web marketing solutions that help a website to not only increase their website traffic and sales, but also create online brands on search engines. Customer focus and the ability to deliver results are manifested unambiguously when dealings.

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