Peter Berry Seeks Funding From The Kickstarter Community For His Book Series ‘The Adventures of Frankie’

Peter Berry announces launch of campaign on Kickstarter for financing ‘The Adventures of Frankie’ book series project.

Peter Berry, a retired software engineer and a father of two boys has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to fund his children’s book series, The Adventures of Frankie. Peter is leading a relaxed life in rural North Carolina and spends time writing stories to help kids discover the joys of reading. He has named his enterprise Happy Endings Publications to produce and market all his works.

I struggled to enjoy reading during my early school years and later went on to become a successful software expert with some cool technology to my credit,” says Peter Berry. “However, after three decades of making tons of money for the companies I worked for, I still felt something missing. I wanted to make a difference to any one person’s life and that emptiness triggered a passion for writing.”

The Adventures of Frankie is a series of easy to read books that comes backed by a website for middle school kids that are not necessarily interested in reading. They have been designed and created for parents, grandparents, teachers and tutors so that kids can learn and enjoy the magic of the written word.

According to Peter Berry, The Adventures of Frankie is easy to read. It has lots of memory joggers drawn from childhood of kids. In addition to helping with reading, each story also has talking points which parents can use to start meaningful conversations with their children.

The first two books in the series will focus on the main character of the book, Frankie, the hero. There are five more books planned and the main characters in these books are of the five remaining books are Frankie’s buddies.

The first one is Pretty Paulette, the stereotypical girl next door on whom Frankie has a crush. Scrawny Ronnie, Frankie’s best friend is the second character. They are childhood friends and have known each other since they were in diapers. The third character is Brad the Bully, the type one sees in every neighborhood. Rita the Red Head, the nice little girl from the wrong side of the tracks is the fourth character and the last one is Penelope the Aussie, She is the puppy of Pretty Paulette.

Frankie and his friends can be great companions for children as they not only educate and entertain them but also help in bridging generation gap and bring family members together. The books will touch on challenging topics that middle school children come across in the course of their academic life.

The Adventure of Frankie books will address issues like all middle school kids being unenthusiastic about reading and the intimidatingly thick size of middle school books. The book also brings to the fore issues such as parents not having a lot of time to spare for kids and why teachers alone cannot be expected to be responsible for the kids.

The Kickstarter campaign by Peter Berry is aiming to raise $27,500 from the community. The deadline to meet this financial goal is 29 November, 2017.

About The Adventures of Frankie:

The Adventures of Frankie is a series of middle books for middle school kids by Peter Berry, a retired software engineer turned writer. These stories come with a supporting website and can be of use to parents and teachers to help them discover the value and importance of reading. The short stories in the book take only a few minutes to read.

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