Edward R. La Rue, criminal defense attorney reveals help to get sexual assault and drug possession charges dropped, Cleveland OH

Criminal lawyer Edward R. La Rue has just revealed his proven three step approach to help ensure that criminal charges are dropped without staining his client’s reputation.

Over the last 25 years Mr. La Rue has helped countless individuals charged with serious crimes such as a drug and sex offenses, navigate the justice system and get the best possible outcome including having charges dropped and avoiding jail time. 

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Mr. La Rue has just unveiled a three-part formula that is mainly responsible for these results. 

Client Representation 

According to Mr. La Rue, the first thing he does if a client has been charged or accused of a serious crime is to “take the client out of the equation.” 

For example, once a client is under Attorney. La Rue’s representation, he ensures they never have to speak to the authorities, unless he is present. 

When asked to elaborate, Mr. La Rue said, “When my clients are dealing with serious accusations or charges it’s essential they do not speak with the police without me present, as it can derail the whole process or take them down a road they just don’t want to go.” 

Discovering Essential Evidence 

The second step in La Rue’s formula is to gather all the information and necessary evidence from the prosecution to build a rock solid case. 

This evidence includes documents, medical records, history of officers in involved, videos, and text messages. 

When asked about this phase of a case, Attorney La Rue was quoted as saying, “The prosecution is legally bound by law to provide all the evidence they have, so there are no surprises. They have to get everything out in the open and on the table.” 

“In saying that the prosecution may present some of the evidence after the discovery phase, during trial, but we have contingencies for that” he added. 

Attorney La Rue says that this phase is the essential element of a case if you want to get a full picture of the client’s story so you can begin to highlight irregularities in the prosecution’s case. 

Build a Solid Defense 

Once the evidence is collected, Attorney La Rue begins building his defense. 

This is done well in advance of the trial date he says, “so we can be prepared for whatever questions come our way”, he added. 

Attorney La Rue creates his defense with one goal in mind… to make the prosecution believe that they can’t win or prove their case. 

When asked to elaborate, he said, “We do this by tearing down the prosecution’s case by picking apart the police work, destroying their alleged view of the facts and challenging everything claimed by the accuser.” 

This intelligent but aggressive strategy ensures Attorney La Rue and his team build a bulletproof case that allows him to field any questions with logical and fact-based answers. 

This three step formula has helped Attorney La Rue and his team achieve results. He has helped hundreds of alleged first-time offenders walk out of the courtroom, while still maintaining a clean record, helped clients avoid jail time and wherever possible get charges dropped. 

For more information please visit http://www.edwardrlarue.com/

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