Harvard Supermodel Activist of the Decade / World’s Most Televised Environmentalist Confirms That Planet Earth is Out of Gasoline

Your official supermodel activist of the decade as recognized by the Business Expert Forum of the Harvard Faculty Club was awarded that title for setting the world record of the most environmental television interviews in a short period, 65 TV interviews in 3.5 years.

She is the world’s most televised environmentalist and this is verifiable on http://www.YouTube.com/AListSupermodelIcon; http://www.YouTube.com/SUPERMODELCLUB; http://www.YouTube.com/SupermodelSurfer, and elsewhere.


This supermodel environmentalist cites multiple places online in press releases from the White House, backed by trusted petroleum industry professionals, like this one indexed by Google http://digitaljournal.com/pr/3490659 announcing that as a society, the gasoline infrastructure is imminently coming to a screeching halt as of Spring 2018.

YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PUMP GASOLINE as of Spring 2018. Also, every main power grid in every city is powered by gasoline so there may be NO electricity anywhere come April 2018. No open stores. No travel whatsoever. Nothing is open like a hospital. No social infrastructure like buses, or even department of sanitation.

How would you survive and thrive in a society with no commerce or electricity? This A-List supermodel icon has prepared a comprehensive, complimentary tip sheet available at http://www.Supermodel.global.

How well written can it be? She is a New York Times bestselling supermodel author for the well-publicized lifesaving guide, “Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise: The 5 Most Important Wellness Secrets of All Time.” It has been on multiple television networks – she has been vetted for by all of them, also by some international networks like Univision and a CNN affiliate.

A critical consideration to handle all the emotions that will come over the next year is to heavily get in touch with your FEMININE side, even if you have a penis – yes – coach those around you with one because there are too many PROVEN examples in nature where what remains healthy and viable from plants to bees are considered “female.”

CIA Supermodel

Anything that insists on tapping into some made up version of existence called “masculinity” is doomed. Research this yourself or talk with scientists. Only those truly in touch with their feminine side has ANY success in life or real chance for survival and EVERYONE inherently is aware of THIS. So laser that hair off your face to keep it off forever and same goes for tattoos.

When the infrastructure for gasoline globally terminates Spring 2018 and you won’t be able to even pump it for your car, much less get on a plane, train, bus or any kind of mass transit, you better be settled in a zip code where you would be happy to live forever because you will never be able to leave it!

Live forever? Is that even possible? You may have heard of the validated movement of immortality and eternal youth, backed by science, technology, and Spirituality, brought to mass media in the already noted New York Times bestseller, “Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise: The 5 Most Important Wellness Secrets of All Time” by the aforementioned world’s most televised environmentalist who shares the Special Humanitarian Award. This #1 bestseller has been promoted on TV repeatedly endorsed by various entire networks.

This next quarter, each trip to the grocery, consider returning with an extra month of non-perishable items for when commerce ends, as is scheduled imminently. This would facilitate the transition to organically living off the land and being more breatharian, which basically is your default. Every moment you aren’t stuffing your mouth with food or liquid you are optimizing your body solely with your breath and that is enough. So don’t force anyone to eat or drink anything. Your sacred body temple does just fine with sunshine, the air, the moisture in the air, etc. to keep it running smoothly! The point is it is FALSE that you need food and drink to remain optimized. Go to YouTube and research “how to be breatharian.” Research THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT WAY TO EXTEND LIFE EXPECTANCY numerous studies have revealed is through REDUCING CALORIC INTAKE. The two preceding paragraphs should assist in that process.

How might this be possible you ask? Why didn’t we catch on sooner? Have you ever been to a party that was in full swing, enjoying yourself to the hilt, only to have it come to a grinding halt moments later for one reason or another, totally unexpected? Yeah, that happens. Occasionally it is the unexpected that catches us off guard and is possible. That has happened with our gasoline-fueled social scene. No one realized the plug would be pulled. Ever. All our environmentalist crusades and we never considered checking petroleum reserves until now…we are fortunate to have three months to prepare instead of just days!

The reason our Harvard Supermodel Activist of the Decade is so passionate about the environment is that she is recognized as the “Queen of Surfing” on a Forum in Surfer Magazine http://www.BestSurferOfAllTime.com and by numerous media outlets and she spends most of her days as a supermodel surfer.

All of these credits position her as a supermodel legend whose face allows her to lead with global facial recognition rather than name recognition. She hereby shares http://www.Supermodel.global as your means of salvation in a world without gasoline or electricity, mega blessed by our Creator, remaining thankful to the Bush family for the CIA and keeping her as a Central Intelligence Agency supermodel. That link is essential for researching every fact stated herein.

Even if the world were to now immediately transition to “all of a sudden only environmentally conscious people” it is too late to refill an already totally depleted petroleum line. You may research such topics as “global resource world clock” to understand that we have been at zero resources for months now and have basically been scraping the bottom of a barrel to get by on fumes. There will be no gasoline infrastructure in just a handful of months to bring any products to stock any shelves. And that is that.

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