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We are the leading cannabis collection agency.

With the increased legalization of marijuana the need for growers and sellers to co-exist in the market is very important.  For the benefit of all stakeholders in the industry, growers have to give their product on credit to sellers and in some cases as it happens to any other business, the seller might be unable to pay for the product.  Growing quality cannabis whether for medical or recreational purposes is not easy and is very capital intensive.  That is why there is need to come to the aid of such farmers and help them recover debts owed to them and also help them monetize their business even better. 

Cannabiz Collects is a premier establishment and the leading cannabis collection agency that seeks to take care of some of the gaping problems that are facing growers and sellers of legal cannabis.  With a variety of different services among them being cannabis debt collection, the service aims at protecting the grower and forging a healthy market place where growers can extend credit to sellers without the worry that they might lose their investment. 

Cannabiz Collects also understands that with the rocketing market prices, most growers have not had time to build systems that would make their businesses flourish.  For this, the agency has come up with a variety of other services that will help growers improve their cash flow and better manage their businesses.  These services include the accounts receivable outsourcing services and also the credit consulting service.  Both of these services are meant to help growers make sound decisions regarding their business while reducing the risks associated with the business. 

The agency has invested in a team of professionals ranging from in-house lawyers who will represent the needs of the growers in different capacities including collection related matters and also business experts in different fields to help with consulting and also bookkeeping for growers that will prefer to outsource their bookkeeping for one reason or the other. 

The mode of conducting business with the agency is straightforward and relatively easy to understand which is very attractive for the growers.  

About Cannabiz Collects

Cannabiz Collects is a cannabis collection agency that offers debt collection, credit consulting and A/R management to legal growers of cannabis.  The agency has over 30 years of experience in the cannabis industry and has in the past managed fortune 500 companies among other top tier businesses.  The agency has an 85% recovery success rate with regards to debt collection which guarantees creditors that they can rely on their proven methods to recover debts on their behalf. 

To instill trust and confidence, the agency has an in-house attorney that manages all the accounts of the agency.  Successful collections are deposited in the clients’ accounts and then the company invoices for payment.  With the simple and direct mode of business, the agency has been able to shorten the time required to recover money after a claim has been made and also improve the ratings to become one of the leading cannabis collection agencies.  

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Company Name: CannaBIZ Collects
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