Linda Rey, Children’s Author, Releases Nerdy Ever After: A Nerdy Novel, First Book Of Confessions Of A Nerdy Girl Series

MISSION VIEJO, CA – November 14th, 2017 – Author Linda Rey is adding yet another delightful book to her literary arsenal – and is sending out the bold message of “it just might be cool to be kind, and that just because you don’t fit in, it doesn’t mean you don’t belong”, to the legions of her dedicated readers. Her new book, Nerdy Ever After: A Nerdy Novel, follows the adventures of Wilhelmina (Willa) Shisbey, who sees her world turn upside down, for yet another time in her short life.

Left at the age of one year and one day at the Children’s Home Society, by her birth mother, Willa went through five years sleeping three-to-a-bed, until she was adopted by a family that features an evil stepmother and her equally evil mini-me – Willa’s adoptive sister, Olivia.

In addition to her rough beginnings, and difficult home life, Willa is saddled with the title of being a “nerd” – and not just because she wears glasses, or collects calendars and novelty erasers: Willa is the thirteenth person in the world suffering from HSAM, i.e. Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, which makes her remember “with computer accuracy, every single day of her loser life.”

So, what happens when Willa’s father decides to move the family from suburban Chicago to Huntington Beach, California? How is Willa going to adapt to Triton Middle School, where it’s evident that she still struggles with the role of the perpetual outsider?

Finding a band of colorful characters to call as friends – including Triton’s hottest boy, and über under-achiever, Cody Cassidy, Willa takes up the “full time job surviving the mine field that is middle school”. Going through her growing pains, and demonstrating prodigious empathy, Willa befriends a newcomer with cerebral palsy, and embodies the concept of kindness, acting as an example of strength and integrity for all her classmates.

Writing of Nerdy Ever After: A Nerdy Novel, The Red City Review said that “The story touches on sensitive topics such as … physical handicaps and bullying. Willa’s trials, mishaps, and triumphs alternately leave the reader cringing, laughing, and cheering her on, and Willa’s actions and good heart make her into the life-changing everyday superhero that all thirteen year-olds should aspire to be like. Confessions of a Nerdy Girl will have you turning pages until you finally have to ask yourself, “How do I get my hands on the sequel?”

Hinting at the future of the series, Linda Rey pledged to release the sequel to Nerdy Ever After: A Nerdy Novel, in the near future, as Linda Rey shared that Willa is “continuously present in her mind, in all her brave glory – with her nerdy blather, unexpected adventures, funny mishaps, and looming teenage angst!”

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Linda Rey writes fish out of water stories (it’s a Pisces thing) for tweens and teens with the help of her imaginary friend, Connie, and her dog—Dude. Linda is a grandma—make that Glam-Ma—to seven at last count, but she’s a super cool one who owns a Harley and has a couple tattoos: one her wrist that says Believe and another on her … uh … never mind. If Linda can be remembered for just one thing after she’s gone, she hopes it’s that people thought she was nice.

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