MetaMatcha Beverage Provides Sustained Energy and Enhanced Focus

MetaMatcha is an enhanced version of Matcha tea, which contains a rich abundance of antioxidants, amino acids, and caffeine that improves the health of the body and mind, and provides energy. MetaMatcha is bottled and is available in original, Meyer lemon, and watermelon flavors.

What makes Matcha tea superior to regular green tea is the way it’s cultivated. Matcha is shade grown (under canopies), which slows down the photosynthesis process and, in turn, increases chlorophyll pigment build-up within the leaves and stimulating higher levels of L-Theanine amino acid production.

Since Matcha is shade grown and consumed whole (steam dried and stone ground into a powder so that all the leaves’ nutrients are fully utilised), it contains higher levels of antioxidants, amino acids, and caffeine, which benefits body and mind.

The L-Theanine in Matcha sharpens mental acuity and heightens the senses and works in combination with energizing caffeine to improve focus and clarity of thought. It also generates confidence and positivity. L-Theanine combats the nervousness caused by caffeine to enable the mind to use energy more efficiently.

The antioxidants within Matcha speeds up metabolism and work at the cellular level to rid the body of harmful free radicals.Matcha also has an antioxidant capacity that is five times the capacity found in blueberries, cleansing toxins, and rejuvenating cells. Overall, MetaMatcha helps individuals develop a healthier version of themselves and strengthens their ability to do more, providing both energy and focus to exceed their potential.

The company’s mission is to provide a beverage that unlocks the energy within, elevating people above the mundane to a state of mental clarity and self-discovery. MetaMatcha brings the Eastern ritual of enlightenment to the West to enhance well-being through an organic and delicious beverage.

MetaMatcha was founded by Alex Brass who became intrigued after trying a cup of Matcha Tea at a local tea shop. Although he didn’t really enjoy the bitter/grassy taste he was impressed by the tea’s capacity to make him feel energized but not overwhelmed. After adding some lemon to offset the bitter taste and not being able to find a bottled Matcha drink to replace his caffeine habit, he spotted an opportunity to reintroduce the Japanese Matcha drink to health conscious Americans.

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