Major trends and 5 fruit powders that will popular on the Europe market

Currently, superfoods are becoming more and more popular in people’s lives. Superfoods refer to “foods that are good for health and may even help certain diseases” or “very nutritious foods that are considered to be good for your health.” What will happen to food in the future? And what kind of food will be popular in future? Here are some predictions about the future trend of superfoods.

Dietary fiber

The future of protein products will reach a peak, but because of consumer’s attention on dietary fiber, the focus will be re-concentrated in beans and cereals-based plants. adding grain and other elements in the snack foods to make it have more dietary fiber has become a magic weapon for many food businesses to attract consumers. Finding a more natural source of fiber has also become a current direction of development, such as fruits, vegetables and so on. It is noteworthy that dietary fiber, such as inulin and chicory root, with weight loss and satiety, is now very popular.


Probiotics will continue to expand and become the mainstream. We can obviously see the great potential of the probiotic industry from the current yogurt industry growth.  consumers now have a more profound understanding and greater interest in Prebiotics products. Now the food industry has started to value the prebiotics and have highlighted the packaging of the products, and the number of products containing prebiotics has also increased, although prebiotics are not as popular now as probiotics.


The so-called super food, including turmeric, organic vegetable powder, chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass powder. Packaging food and beverages that adding such elements are currently on the rise. There are also some traditional ingredients, such as ginseng, ganoderma lucidum, ashwagandha, and other elements also became popular, and was added to ordinary snacks. Recently, ordinary vegetarian products such as mushrooms have also transformed themselves into high-end super foods.


In the field of superfoods, some organic vegetable powders have received people’s favor. Such as Yesherb organic beetroot powder, broccoli powder, spinach powder, kale powder and so on. Kale has always been only regarded as a salad side dish, but in recent years has been touted as the most popular European and American super-foods, the calcium content in kale is three times than milk. The lutein and carotene content are even higher than spinach, has become the hottest anti-cancer star. Coupled with the rich cellulose contained, can eliminate the body waste, regarded as slimming san products.

Yesherb cranberry powder 

In addition to organic vegetable powders, some organic fruit powders are also widely used in superfoods on the America market because they are rich in vitamins and nutrients. The organic products annual growth rate have nearly 20% in the past several years in the USA market. Including Yesherb cranberry powder, blueberry powder, raspberry powder, pomegranate powder, and goji powder. It has been reported that the antioxidant component of red pomegranate is even higher than wine and green tea, which can effectively prevent heart disease. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has published an article pointing out that continuous consumption of pomegranate juice for two weeks a day can effectively reduce the body’s oxidized cholesterol. The British “Daily Mail” has also reported that drinking a glass of pomegranate juice every day can help to get rid of belly fat and increase libido. Algae such as spirulina and chlorella have been made into powders or other supplements that are popular with many gourmets and vegetarians due to their high levels of vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

Organic Goji berry powder 

North America is the world’s largest health products market, the product situation has the role of weathervane. with the booming of the cranberry, blueberry, raspberry, pomegranate, and goji powder in America, the Europe market, which play the role of the second largest area of global health products, will also welcome these products flourishing in the near future.

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