The Bearded Underdog announces the official launch of its website and a worldwide shipping offer

Maker of premium quality handmade leather products, The Bearded Underdog, announces the official launch of its business website and its free shipping offer to its customers across the globe

The Bearded Underdog is a relatively small company that specializes in making handmade leather products. The company recently announced the launch of its website, showcasing its different products to the world and allowing anyone across the globe to purchase this products. The Bearded Underdog has also announced that it will be offering free shipping to its customers anywhere across the globe.

Leather has become one of the fashion accessories that have stood the test of time, evolving with virtually all fashion trends. From watches with leather straps to leather being used as denim accessories, leather has constantly remained one of the most sought-after fashion items. However, getting quality leather products, especially handmade leather goods has not been particularly easy.

As opposed to leather products that are manufactured en masse, quality handmade leather goods are made to fit the need and desire of the user, while maintaining the quality of the product and ensuring the durability of the goods. Consequently, the Bearded Underdog has officially launched the business and a website to make quality leather products available to lovers of leather accessories across the globe.

The company manufactures a wide range of quality leather goods, with the handmade wallet being the major item currently available in the leather goods shop. The wallet category consists of different styles and colors.

Shoppers can buy any of the wallet styles that include the London, Oslo and Helsinki wallet styles. The wallets are available in different colours such as English tan, nut brown, and phantom brown. The products are reasonably priced starting from as low as 80 Euros.

In addition to providing leather goods to customers anywhere across the globe, The Bearded Underdog also have a custom Bearded Underdog t-shirt available for as low as 35 Euros.

The Bearded Underdog has been able to combine quality and affordability with its unique set of handmade leather products. The company world free shipping also saves customers the usual shipping cost charged by most online stores.

More information about the Bearded Underdog and the different products from the handmade leather goods manufacturer can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

About The Bearded Underdog

The Bearded Underdog is a small handmade leather goods manufacturer headquartered in Oulu, Finland. The relatively small company is making a name for itself not only in the world of leather craft but also in the fashion world.

The Bearded Underdog has a unique collection of leather goods, offering lovers of premium quality leather products the opportunity to enjoy their favourite fashion accessories. In addition to providing affordable yet quality products, the company also offers free worldwide shipping on all its products, saving customers the usual cost of shipping associated with many online stores.

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