New Syan Technologies Litecoin Mining Machine now open for pre-order

The pre-sale order list for the latest in the Syan Technologies series of cryptocurrency mining machines, the Vega 2S Home Litecoin Miner, opened for business on Monday the 13th November 2017. This is the second machine in the Vega series from Syan – Fintech arm of the Dubai-based Zahrani Group – closely following the release of the much heralded Vega Home Bitcoin Miner last month.

Externally the Vega 2S in almost identical to its sister machine, utilising the same standard chassis. The internal workings are also similar with as many shared components as possible in order to keep the costs – and therefore the sale price – to a minimum. The actual mining is performed by two hundred and forty of Syan’s new SCRYPT ASIC SCR1440 chips producing a total hash rate of 822MH/s, power consumption of 880W and a consequent efficiency rating of 1.07J/MH. The retail price for all this, including its own on-board power supply, is US$1,795.00 and delivery is scheduled for the first week of February 2018. 

“This is an important day for all of us here at Syan” said Koji Tanaka, Chief Technology Officer of the Zahrani Group and Hong Kong based Syan Technologies’ spokesman. “The first batch of the Vega Bitcoin machines has pretty much sold out already and we’re planning batch two for early next year. The SCRYPT mining market is very much new territory for us so we’ll just have to see how it goes with the Vega 2S. All I do know is that the 2S is better than the competition, more efficient than the competition and cheaper than the competition in real terms.”

Batch one of the new Vega 2S consists of two thousand five hundred units, though five hundred of these have been set aside for the Syan Mining project, a joint operation between Syan Technologies and the Laos PDR government utilising clean, renewable hydroelectric power from the Mekong River hydroelectric projects. It is expected that the two thousand remaining units will not be sitting on the shelves for too long, as Syan say that there have already been enough enquiries about the SCRYPT machine for it to have sold out several times over.

Syan Technologies are a Hong Kong based designer and producer of digital currency mining machines and FinTech, currently focusing on the release of their Vega Home Currency Mining series. They comprise a dedicated and highly motivated team of designers, technicians and mathematicians of diverse backgrounds – from as far afield as California, London, Sweden, Russia and Vietnam – with just one thing in common; they aim to design and produce the most cost-efficient and durable ASIC mining machines in the world.

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