Australia’s Biddigal Dreaming to bring Indigenous history to life on stage in Sydney

Sept 29, 2014. Cairns – Australia   The Cairns-based Biddigal Performing Arts has been invited to bring their unique style of storytelling and theatrical dance to the stage in Sydney during this year’s Black Stump Festival. 

“Biddigal Dreaming” has captured a tapestry of Australia’s Indigenous heritage and history by sitting with elders from the nations of Yidinji, Wiradjuri, Bundjalung, Arukubindi, Giddamay and descendants from Tafea Province (Tanna Island, Vanuatu) who are now Australian South Sea Island descendants.

This company of Indigenous caretakers have been given permission by elders around the country to share their century old stories with the world by way of the performing arts. The stories showcased

 are passed on from generation to generation. This is a living legacy that can be preserved through storytelling and dance.  As the producers explain on the campaign site, “Biddigal Performing Arts are truly honoured to be bearers of such intimate and personal stories which reflect our elder’s storyline and cultural identity.”

Following acclaimed performances this year at the Cairns Childrens’ Festival, Cairns Indigenous Art Fair and their Australian Premier and debut production of “Biddigal Dreaming”, the Biddigal Performing Arts organizers have been invited to perform at the 2014 Black Stump Festival. 

In order to perform at the festival, they have turned to crowd-sourced funding to help pay for the travel and accommodation expenses for this troupe of 19 outstanding performers. All of the performers are between 12-22 years old and have demonstrated a passion for dance, theatrical choreography and storytelling at a world-class level.  Check out the Go Get Funding Biddigalcampaign video for a sneak peak. 

With a realistic goal (for travel and associated costs) of $10,000 AUS., the Biddigal Dreaming organizers are welcoming donations of any size from supporters in Australia and around the world who believe in this important project. Your donations will pay for travel expenses while also ensuring that this unique and important storyline is shared with as many as possible.  

In Sydney the performers will also have the chance to give back to one of the elders by performing for 79 year old Marie Melito-Russell (one of the elders who gave permission to share her life-story by way of the performing arts).

This vibrant yet sensitive theatrical show has something for all ages. By supporting Biddigal’s performance in Sydney you are providing a window into the ‘old ways’ while helping to preserve the elders’ stories for generations to come.  This is your chance to help preserve Australia’s indigenous heritage while helping get Biddigal Dreaming’s awesome performers to the Black Stump stage. Donate what you can and share the links below widely.

Go Get Funding Biddigal Dreaming project

Biddigal on Facebook

What is Black Stump Festival?

Black Stump started in 1985 with the aim of bringing youth from all facets of the Church together to learn, be inspired, build community and have a whole lot of fun together.  Twenty-seven (27) years later people are still gathering together from across the country to celebrate God through Music, Art, Word and Action.  Blackstump Festival Promo 2013

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