All Transparts Helps Drivers Winterize Their Automobile

All Transparts, a Greenville-based company that specializes in transmission repair shop Greenville SC and car care services, would like to remind drivers to have their cars prepared for the winter season. It is best to winterize cars before the winter season to stay safe and avoid being stuck on the road.

Preparation should start before the winter. Since the exterior surface is greatly affected by the weather, it is important to clean and wax the car properly to protect the paint from snow. All garbage should be removed as well. Car owners should change carpeted floor mats with vinyl or water resistant rubber mats and ensure that the heating systems are working properly. They should also increase the power of windshield wipers, defrosters and heating systems. The car battery’s voltmeter readings must be 12.4V or higher and the electrolyte gravity shouldn’t be lower than 1.225. Plastic scrappers and soft-bristled snow brushes can be used to remove snow from the car surface. The coolant must have a 50/50 mixture of water and antifreeze. It is important to check the coolant hoses for any leaks or signs of wear. Since the bulbs will run longer during the winter season, car owners should make sure that the backup lights, headlights and signal lights illuminate when needed.

All Transparts Greenville Transmission Repair service also recommends having a winter survival kit as it could save lives during an emergency. A winter survival kit should include a flashlight, extra batteries, shovel, battery powered radio, small broom, windshield scraper, water, extra mittens, hats and sock, energy bars, small candles and matches, first aid kit with medications and pocket knife, sleeping bag or blanket, rope or tow chain, booster cables, whistle and fluorescent distress flags to grab attention, reflectors and emergency flares, sand, cat litter or road salt for traction and cell phone adapter. The car tank should be kept at least half full.

Choose small food packages that can be eaten hot or cold. It is a good idea to store the kit in the passenger compartment of the car in case the trunk refuses to open. Staying awake and cold is also better than sleeping comfortably. Snow can plug the exhaust system of the car and cause carbon monoxide gas to enter the vehicle. Car owners can run the engine for ten minutes and ensure that the exhaust pipe doesn’t have any snow. They can open the window a little while the engine is running.

All Transparts transmission shop offers a wide range of services including tune-ups, air conditioning repair, free code scan for checking engine light and road test. The company has a team of trained and experienced technicians who are always prepared to rebuild, install and fix automatic and manual transmissions for all SUVs, trucks and cars. All Transparts has an extensive selection of manual transmissions, allowing the team to provide customers with a quick turn-around service at all times. The company also services and sells all models and makes of four-wheel drive transfer cases and offers clutch kits for medium duty trucks, cars and SUVs.

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