Craig Rhyne Offers Gold and Silver Barter Bundles Through Washington Gold Exchange LLC

Washington Gold Exchange now offers “barter bundles” to protect against economic collapse.

LOS ANGELES, CA – 11/15/2017 — Washington Gold Exchange LLC, headed by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Craig Rhyne, now offers financial security to forward thinking investors with Barter Bundles.

Barter Bundles are a mix of gold and silver coins which make bartering in a time of crisis much easier. Barter Bundles are available in coin combinations from $500 to $10,000 (or more). Bartering with gold and silver coins could potentially become a necessity of life if the dollar continues to decline, at which time fiat currency would be worthless.

“Washington Gold Exchange has always been focused on investors at various levels. By offering small denominations of the most recognizable coins, in economical bundles, we can provide peace of mind and diversification to those who want to preserve their capital. Further, if we see a financial collapse worse than 2008, precious metals will soar and owning tradable gold and silver coins will provide a time-honored option to barter for the essentials of live,” states Craig Rhyne, CEO of Washington Gold Exchange.

Bartering with gold and silver has been around for millennia. Even today, owning gold and silver is prudent when fiat (non-backed) currencies continually lose purchasing power. Craig Rhyne has taken the focus of his company to a new level with this new Barter Bundle option that caters to investors who have serious questions about how our government can deal with a $20 trillion federal debt (which does not count the unfunded liabilities of Social Security or Medicare).

Helping customers become economically prepared for the future is the priority of Washington Gold Exchange LLC in this time of economic uncertainty. Craig Rhyne believes bartering with gold and silver has the potential of becoming the new method of commerce in a financial collapse. Investors interested in bartering with gold and silver coins should visit Washington Gold Exchange’s bundles page for special pricing.

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