Sport Meets Games: Getting Fit Playfully with the New Plankpad

The new Plankpad combines an effective full-body workout with entertaining app games. That results in muscles – and a lot of fun!

Planks are difficult and lame? No longer! Thanks to the new Plankpad you can have muscle training and fun in one. All you need is the Plankpad and a smartphone: simply download the app, place the phone on the Plankpad, start either game or exercise and off you go with working out!

Lasting longer with focus on the game instead of an exhausting exercise

While the whole body is being tightened and strengthened, you keep surfers, snowboarders and balls in balance on your screen, in tilting the Plankpad to the left and right. Studies with more than 100 people of different ages and varying levels of fitness have revealed that they can almost last up to 50% longer. Instead of focusing the thoughts on the difficult workout, you concentrate on the game. That results in better workouts, provides a crispy six-pack and trains the back and the core.

Available now on Kickstarter!

The Plankpad is officially available as of early 2018. For all those who cannot wait that long: From the end of October, Plankpad started a campaign on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with special discounts.

More info about the Kickstarter launch can be found here: Link to Kickstarter campaign

Plankpad looks outstanding

The Plankpad is made of strong, high-quality wood. The soft rubber layer treats the lower arms and elbows with care. A special mat below the Plankpad prevents the Plankpad from slipping or creating dents in the floor. Thanks to the nice handle and the lower side, the Plankpad can easily be stored after the workout.

Games and workout exercises for more variety

Currently six games are out, soon more will follow. In addition to that, numerous workout programs in the app allow for more exercise variations: instead of playing a game one can choose between different fitness exercises. Since the Plankpad has to be kept in a balanced position for these exercises, the effect on the workout is intensified. If you shake, the app will notice and comment on keeping a better balance.

The Plankpad can be used as a Balance Board as well

The Plankpad can also be used as a Balance Board to train the motor coordination, to improve the time of reaction and to prevent injuries. Therefore, two games were developed, specifically for the Balance Board. Even kids and elderly people have fun when the games are connected to the TV.

For a strong back and against back pain

Been sitting too long at the desk or on the couch? Dr. Nils Lynen, specialist for orthopedics and trauma surgery from the Praxiszentrum Nordrhein in Aachen in Germany recommends to exercise three to four times per week with the Plankpad in case of back pain in order to ease the pain or to prevent it altogether.

“The Plankpad is really suitable for every person”, explains André Reinegger, who developed the Plankpad. “We have had a long testing phase who participants ranging from small children to senior citizens and the results were stunning. Even the current world champion in kickboxing was amazed and could hold his plank longer than before and the record holder is at the proud age of 65 – his time is six minutes of planking.”



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