Magical Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu

Choquequirao is worth every effort it takes to get to it. But get in shape first before you attempt it. We trained for this trek for about 6 month. The trek starts after the town of Chacora and you decend for about 11 km with an elevation loss of about 1500m to reach the Apurimac river which you cross on a bridge. We then hiked up to the campground of Santa Rosa Baja with an elevation gain of 600m over rocky terrain. There we camped for the night and left early in the morning to steadily climb up to Marampata and then out to the Choquequirao campsite.

From there it is another hour up to the ruins which are beautiful but my main draw besides the beautiful hike was the llama wall which is down the other side of the ruins. another steep walk with neck breaking steps to take a shortcut. We did the four day trek with Choquequirao Trek and could have not asked for any better agency. It is husband and wife duo – she is Australian and speaks perfect English – who are the nicest people possible.

We had mules to carry our belongings and the horse guy Demetrio treated his mules very well. We were impressed. They had lost two mules already on the trail this year and the trail is narrow, so please, if you hike and see mules, stop and stand on the mountain side of the trail and let the mules pass. Our cook Fortunato was a magician and we had the best food during our whole stay in Peru.

Even if you don’t want to spend the money on a travel agency get some mules to help you carry your stuff. Those people live from the work with their mules and are super friendly. We were glad to have a guide with us, because as usual if you don’t know anything about Choquequirao, it is just a bunch of stones put together. Yom gave us great explanations about the place, the mountains around us and the way of how people are living in this remote area.

Choquequirao is less visited compared to Machu Picchu but the it’s at par in it’s grandeur and beauty. It’s a long and demanding hike, I booked mine via Choquequirao Trek  but you can do this on your own- there were 2 French dudes that hiked along with us, they just have to carry their provisions, tents and all.

I recommend that you be fit before doing this. I am an ultra marathoner (50-100 milers) and there were times I struggled – it’s because of the mountain altitude. A hiking pole will be very handy. Bring in a lot of extra warm clothing since it can get to freezing during the night.

Choquequirao Trek Classic 4 Days

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