How to Easily Buy From YiWu Market China Using a YiWu Agent

YiWu Market , also known as YiWu Futian International Market or YiWu Commodity Market is the largest wholesale market worldwide. Here, you’ll find more than 120, 000 wholesalers dealing in a wide variety of products. YiWu Market China is the ideal place to order all kinds of products for retail shops, dollar stores and online shops.

Some of the products available in YiWu Commodity Market include: Jewelry, artificial flowers, imitation, fashion products, kitchenware, festive items, general merchandise, clothing, party items, shows, textile, hats, storage bags, hardware, suitcases, electronic products, outdoor products, garden tools, auto accessories, beauty products, sport products, stationery, baby products, and many more. The list is endless.

When you are importing goods from YiWu Market in China, it’s essential that you have a professional YiWu agent working for you in China. The process of importing goods from China can be nerve cracking if you don’t have a buying and export agent in YiWu to help you.

As a professional buying and export agent in YiWu Market, we provide many services including:

(i) Looking for various products and new models from YiWu Market suppliers and factories. We look for manufacturers who sell products at the lowest prices, take pictures of the samples and send them to our customers.

(ii) After a customer has placed an order, we’ll collect the goods to our warehouse, book containers and transportation service, apply for customs, and lading bill. Generally, we provide convenient and affordable one-in-all service to clients.

(iii)We welcome our clients to YiWu Market and translate for them to help them find the products they need. We help our clients to place orders, book warehouse, check quality and shipping services.

(iv) We ensure customers receive their orders within the shortest time possible.

Importing goods from YiWu Market is very simple. First, you’ll be required to send an invitation letter. Secondly, you’ll have to book a hotel whereby we will help you get a discount from a nice hotel in YiWu. When you arrive in YiWu, we’ll pick you up from the airport to your hotel free of charge. The client will give us a list of the items they are interested in and we’ll send them a price list for reference.

We will then guide you to visit different shops and factories whereby you’ll make a price list that includes pictures of the items, unit price, pcs/ctn, total amount, total CBM, and so forth.

After you leave YiWu, we will send you the price list of the goods that you’ve ordered and once we receive 30% deposit , we will pay the suppliers and ask them to prepare the goods. We will provide the suppliers will all details of requirements to ensure the items are of the required quality.

When the suppliers are through with preparing the goods, we’ll collect them to our warehouse, take pictures of the goods and send you for purposes of inspection. Our team will thoroughly check the goods before shipping starts to ascertain that they are of the best quality. After check the quality of the goods and we are satisfied, we will pay the suppliers.

At this point, we will make arrangements for shipping according to the customer’s request for custom clearance.

Here are some of the compelling reasons why you must have a buying and export agent in YiWu Market China:

We help you save time

By allowing a trustworthy YiWu agent to handle your shipments, you’ll be able to save time, effort and stress. Having to take care of the shipping process on your own is not a good way to use your time. It’s a good idea to let your YiWu agent deal with what they do best.

Customs clearance

A reliable YiWu agent will be responsible for making arrangements to clear customs as quickly as possible. We pay import duties and VAT on behalf of our clients. After the clearance process, we will arrange for delivery right to your door.

We’ll help you build healthy relationships

Building healthy business relationships with your suppliers in YiWu market is a very positive thing. Being professional and experienced buying and export agents in YiWu market, we help our customers to establish long term relationships with the suppliers and even enable you to get great discounts. Our core business is to help our clients into win-win situations as well as introducing you to new and exciting deals.

Healthy communication

We always communicate efficiently on matters regarding your valuable shipments. We are responsible partners and we’ll keep in touch to ensure paperwork flows efficiently.

Save money

Working with a trusted YiWu agent gives you control over the process unlike when you do not have a YiWu agent. We will help you control the costs and ensure that you are not exploited through inflated charges.

We’re transparent

Working with a professional YiWu agent gives you a clear view into the buying and export process. You do not have to be scared of anything as the whole process will be transparent.

Our main agenda is to provide excellent services to our esteemed customers and establish a long-term business relationship with our clients.

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