Creative Computer Science Student Laurent Shiels Launches Campaign on Indiegogo for Project Silhouette App

Laurent Shiels launches fundraiser campaign on the Indiegogo platform for project, Silhouette app.

Laurent Shiels, a passionate and creative computer science student at Rutgers University, has announced that he is launching a campaign on Indiegogo to fund the project, Silhouette. It is a patented app which ensures that students are safe when they go out at night.

“I am happy to announce that our campaign on Indiegogo is now live and running for our project – Silhouette,” says Laurent Shiels. “This is a patented app that offers the smartest way of staying safe in a changing world. Silhouette is an app specifically designed for today’s college student and young adult and comes with a set of features curated towards meeting their safety needs.”

Laurent and his team developed the Silhouette app because they wanted a world where family members and friends will no longer have to call their loved ones constantly to check if they are safe. The app can provide peace of mind to the students as well as their parents/guardians. It comes with a set of unique features that have been specifically developed to meet the safety needs of today’s youngsters.

The idea for creating Silhouette app came to Laurent from his personal experiences. As a college student, he used to see students partying in an unsafe manner and collapsing from alcohol poisoning and other causes that posed a real risk to their safety. He also regularly witnessed people searching the streets for their friends who had blanked out due to excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks.

The Silhouette app provides a safe way for students and other young adults to go out. The developers of the app agree that it is important to have fun but, at the same time, they also want people to navigate the streets safely and have a way of staying in touch with their friends. In case of a medical emergency, the app will ensure that the right information is readily available. It has the safety of consumers and their wellbeing as its top priority.

According to Laurent Shiels, the goal of the team developing the Silhouette app is to save lives from alcohol poisoning. The Indiegogo campaign is aimed at raising the funds needed for the development of the application and its implementation in colleges and universities as well as cities with a fairly large population of young adults. The funding of the app will be used for further development of the app and to finance the app’s marketing aspects.

The campaign started on Indiegogo by Laurent Shiels and his team has a flexible financial goal of $50,000 and they have around two months to achieve this objective. Contributors to the campaign can expect a wide range of perks depending on their level of contribution.

About Silhouette App:

Silhouette App is a project by computer science student Laurent Shiels and his team of developers. The app has been designed to provide students and young adults the smartest way to stay safe in a changing and uncertain world. The app makes use of the latest in iOS mobile technology. The developers will optimize phones to use the GPS so that there is less strain on battery, unlike many other apps. The Silhouette app will be available for free.

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