Kickstarter Campaign Launched By Lane McLeod Jackson For ‘The Promised Land’ Project

Lane McLeod Jackson launches campaign on Kickstarter for his
play, The Promised Land which is about a world ravaged by climate change.

Lane McLeod Jackson, the New York-based director, writer and theater artist has launched a fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter for his project, The Promised Land. It is a play based on the topic of climate change and is fundamentally a cautionary tale after climate change has torn society apart.

“We are launching The Promised Land now because it a subject matter that cannot wait anymore because climate change is an existential crisis,” says Lane McLeod Jackson. We have based this play in the tradition of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and ensured that despite dealing with a serious subject matter, it is fast-paced, full of suspense and even funny at times.”

The Promised Land is a play about a family dealing with the circumstances they have to endure after climate change has torn the society apart. Abraham and his wife try to make the best of the situation so that they can enjoy a better tomorrow. Their daughter Rebecca uses her brilliant mind to form an illegal organization for fun. The whole scenario changes with the entry of Elliot, a young man posing as a salesman promising a rosy future. This creates a dangerous situation as the views of four different minds clash and creates major acrimony.

Lane McLeod Jackson believes that climate change is a major crisis and steps must be taken at every level including educational, political and arts to stop this slow and deliberate destruction. In his opinion, arts offer a better way of reaching out to people and conveying to them the humanity of the issue.

To make the production a reality and to bring the play to life, Lane McLeod and his team requires financial backing from the public. To make their play and production strategies strong and foolproof, Lane McLeod has brought together a great team of theater professionals, marketing consultants and performers to ensure a great night for the theater and planet loving public.

The funding that the team is seeking on Kickstarter will be used for booking a location, arranging space for rehearsal, procuring materials for designers and for compensating actors adequately. They have broken down the cost involved for staging the play into various goals for better management of finances.

The basic funding needed to pull it off is $12,000. This will help them cover cost towards essential set, properties, costume and makeup, insurance, printing, graphic designing and others. If they are able to collect more than the targeted funds, they will use enhanced features across various key fronts.

The campaign on Kickstarter has a financial goal of $12,000 with a deadline date of 16 December, 2017.

About The Promised Land

The Promised Land is a play by is a director, writer, and theatre artist, Lane McLeod Jackson and his team. It is a story of a world ravaged by climate change in which a father tries hard to hold his family together against a threat looming large in the form of a traveling salesman who arrives with many dreams and promises but apparently has nefarious designs.

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