Nick Estes: A Self Made Real Estate Maestro Shares His Story to Inspire The Next Generation of Successful Individuals

From a General Laborer to a Huge Real Estate Investment Company Founder, Nick Estes is Now Sharing His Secrets to Success With Everyone

November 15, 2017: Seasoned real estate expert, Nick Estes went from framing houses to framing minds and he is now sharing the secrets of his success with everyone. He is sharing how he went from general laborer to how he built a huge real estate investment company and his aim is to help others with his experiences. From being a laborer to being an owner, the real estate developer went through many ups and downs and he now wants to educate the modern real estate entrepreneurs.

“I came from humble beginnings, growing up in a small town in Maine, where dreams are easily pushed aside for more realistic mindsets.” said Nick Estes, while talking about his beginnings in a recent interview. “I cannot remember a time when my entrepreneurial mindset hasn’t been guiding me and I have always envisioned myself creating and living a lifestyle that contradicts that status quo.” he added. According to Nick, he was never comfortable with following the predetermined path that so many people are forced to travel during their lifetime.

In addition, this inspiring Nick Estes has worked his way up from starting in the field framing houses for others to building and selling his own homes. Moreover, he started his solo real estate career at the age of 21 at the bottom. With consistent hard work, determination and focus, Nick has grown two premiere real estate companies in his home state in the last decade. These companies have been successful due to strong perseverance, continued self-development and daily rituals. As a result, his real estate investment companies are some of the largest and most well recognized in all of Maine and Nick has become synonymous with success in the state.

“6 months ago I started a new journey and this journey has been sparked by my desire to help others reach their financial goals through real estate development.” said Nick, while talking about his latest initiative. “Over the past ten years, I have done it all from wholesaling to flips, to new construction and I am happy to share these experiences and what I have learned with others.” he added.

According to Nick, his primary goal at present is to just share with others what it is like to be a real estate entrepreneur and his daily activities, so that the people can learn from them. This will ultimately help many individuals and will guide them while stepping into the industry and Nick aims at sharing valuable tips, resources and guidance to help them set up their own real estate journey.

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