Hunter Green non-GMO Watches Combine Environmentalism with Fashionable Appeal

Millions of watches are made every year, but only a small fraction of them use components that are environmentally friendly.  The new line of non-GMO watches—designated Hunter Green—from noted designer Hunter Mayers is intended to introduce the very important themes of biodegradability and eco-friendly manufacturing practices to this industry. Hunter Green watches are produced with Polylactic Acid plastics made from corn resin (a renewable resource), mercury-free batteries, and cotton or cork straps. All components are toxin and lead free and only organic corn us used for the Corn Resin material.

This pioneering line of watches is sure to reshape the watch industry, as consumer interest in nature friendly products ramps up. In addition to the socially conscious engineering, Hunter Green watches are also designed for the fashion conscious.  The thin, lightweight design includes red, white, gray or black clock faces, with Japanese Chrono Movement.  The classic but sleek look is complemented by the elegant black cotton or natural cork straps. Hunter Green watches offer nearly identical durability to standard watches with water resistance up to three bars. Once you have enjoyed your Hunter Green watch sufficiently, the company also offers a Take Back program which recycles and composts used watches.

Hunter Mayers has introduced a revolutionary new idea for a hallowed industry, but he still needs your support to make his watches a commercial success.  He has completed the designs, produced the prototypes and made the production molds, but he still needs seed money to initiate production.  To secure the $30,000 he needs to launch Hunter Green, Hunter has sponsored a Kickstarter campaign. In return for your generous support, you may receive valuable perks like hats, T-shirts, or Hunter Green watches. To learn more about Hunter Green watches or to make a financial contribution to this important campaign, please visit

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Company Name: Hunter Green – The first non-GMO biodegradable wristwatch
Contact Person: Hunter Mayers
Country: United States