Marek Menger Ousted as President & CEO of Petro-Valve, Inc.

Based on allegations of inappropriate and illegal personal use of company money – strongly supported by affidavits and verbal testimonies – Marek Menger has been formally forced out of his position as President and CEO of Petro-Valve, Inc. Mr. Menger no longer has any authority whatsoever to use the company name, assets, or resources for any business, personal, or other purpose.

The allegations against Marek Menger include transacting “side jobs” for cash using Petro-Valve assets, hiding money from his spouse, and stealing money from the company. Some close to the investigation and legal proceedings describe the situation as Mr. Menger “treating the company as his personal piggy bank.”

Wayne Dolcefino of Dolcefino Consulting has an ongoing investigation into Marek Menger’s activities at Petro-Valve and the personal and financial details of the divorce proceedings between Marek and Sherry Menger.

The company’s new President and CEO is Sherry Menger, ex-wife of Marek Menger. Petro-Valve is thriving under her honest — and lawful – leadership. She has upgraded and improved the company’s warehouse location and systems, developed a strong management team, improved employee morale and training programs, and implemented new initiatives for sales and marketing. 

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